Reclaiming Power

All through history, we have been enslaved, abused, raped, diminished, conquered, stripped naked, abandoned, told that God is disappointed in us, told that we are damned, feel hopeless, unworthy, ugly, unlovable, weak, defeated, limited, and stupid. We have been taught to fight amongst ourselves, believe that truth is the lie, defend lies, give our power away, make self-deprecating vows to causes that mean nothing in the grand schemes of thing. All these things wear heavy on a soul. It is time to take our empowerment back. Although we are not living these experiences every day, we are habitually giving them power still, when we don’t embrace the fullness of who we are. We are re-enacting our personal plight when we fight amongst ourselves and create problems with others who are merely doing all they can simply to get by and to make sense of things. We relive the anguish when we get caught up in the drama. We empower ourselves when we step back from reacting and choose to walk away. The more we empower ourselves the more we teach others to be empowered as well. Here is to empowering all others!

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To Those Who Feel Powerless

You have manifested everything in your surroundings down to the shoes you are wearing. You are so powerful in manifesting that you have kept at bay everything that you feel you don’t deserve. As weary and tiring as it has been, you have at times kept away the Joy, Love and Abundance that are your birthright. You have held up an invisible force field to prevent your own Freedom and Success. You have held up the illusion of being fractured, broken and alone when you are actually whole and empowered beyond compare. Once you free yourself of the mindset that you are one tiny powerless, inconsequential human, you can forgo the drama, pain, isolation and dis-ease that that entails. You can tap into the dynamic expansion of your whole. You can consciously connect to your own vortex. You can tap into direct knowing, your ultimate truth. You can be the Love you know possibly exists. You can give it breath, space and girth in this world. You can hold a space for such a sacred beauty, in that special way that you share your gifts. Sharing your unique interpretation of love through self-will inspire the multitudes to hold space for […]

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Pandemic of Kindness

The same mistake is made generation after generation. Power is used to fight power. All that does is create a power struggle, which power loves! Each new crop of clever minds thinks they have cracked the code on how to fight the corrupt. Their goal is to sway the mind of the masses to their perspective. They are the righteous, they are the noble, they are more powerful in their goodness. There is a much simpler way: through the heart instead of the mind. Honor the simple, value kindness, and engage in respectful interactions as much as possible. It isn’t done by rallying the masses but by inspiring every person to take back their individuality. We empower individuality with each simple act of kindness. We are of the heart when we forgo the petty power struggles: to be first in line, to cut off the other driver, to be right all the time. We are from the heart when we value other species, see the value in things that others dismiss, share our unique vantage point without fear of ridicule. We are of the heart when we relax our grip on excess and find contentment in the smallest wonder. What […]

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Choosing Love over Power

Life is a school ground for souls to have their lessons. The purpose is to acquire every kind of experience necessary so that we walk willingly into the heart of love. Those of us with an understanding of this know that we have abused power in the past. It is how we have learned that we don’t ever want to abuse power again. That deep drive for inner peace is ingrained in us. We know that it is a loving act of grace to accept others need to have a turn at abusing power. There are so many here now on earth who are doing all they can to fill that inner void with plays of power. In the very long run, it will make them more compassionate souls. They will eventually mature and that need along with the “void” will dry up. It is a necessary step in the unfolding of a soul. The rest of us need not be surprised by the lengths to which others are driven to feel validated and important. We know at the core they are motivated by deficiency and pain. What we can do is take up the slack and love all to […]

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