Power Plays

The Cycle of Power

Clients come to me for private sessions, many times because they are feeling victimized. Since I am able to see glimpses of their past incarnations, I can see the cycle of the power plays in their interactions. For example, if someone was abused by a relative, many times it is revealed that in past lives, they were also the abuser of that person. This happens with organizations as well. If someone has been abused by a certain group; like family, religion or social group; it is revealed that they were in a position to set up the rules of that group in a previous life. While they were in the position of power, they instilled the “law of the land” and many lifetimes later, they are reaping the ill effects of those same rules. This is how souls, in the classroom of life, learn. When we instill laws and rules, we would do well to know that at some point, we will be the victim of those exact rules. The more we can see our selves in the position of those that depend upon us; the less we will be cutting off our own freedom later down the road.

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Freedom to Hold Your Truth In

I used to think that I had to let people know how I was feeling in every instance. If I was dissatisfied with service, they had to be made aware if it. Through my tone, mannerisms and body language, I was going to let them know that I was disappointed. This behavior is called passive aggressive. For myself it originated in this lifetime by living with people who didn’t care how I felt and never asked me my opinion or preference on anything. My life was not my own. The only way to convey my truth and to be validated was by removing my happy countenance from the equation. Anything else would get me a smash across the face. These were the training tactics used by good parents of the day. A light bulb went off when I realized that I didn’t have to visit my displeasure on every service person I interacted with. They were doing the best they could. If I was in a mood, I could contain it. There was much freedom in this epiphany. I could leave everyone in the same state I found them or better. I no longer burdened the world with my disapproval; […]

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Hidden in Plain Sight (Why I woke up angry)

I was on the astral plane; which looks and feels a lot like the physical plane; sitting in a huge group of truth seekers. Maybe you were there? It may have registered as being a dream. You may or may not remember it but you could have been there. Everyone was there trying to discover truth. It was a HUGE crowded room with so many chairs crowded around in a circle that many were pushed out by others. It was chaotic and the very fact that it was in a circle seemed miraculous. The point of the group was to help each other discover truth for themselves. A very sincere person had a dream experience (funny, a dream interpretation within a dream) and she was seeking answers to what it meant. I was very excited because it was about her discovering her own spiritual truth through a blue light that had a door on it that she didn’t notice. But just as I was about to help her recognize how to access her truth, someone else leaned in front of me to speak. It was a man who runs a local nature center. He got everyone’s attention and was about […]

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Changing Friend Dynamics

Jen and Simha

When someone is telling you about their problems, they will say things like, “You know how it feels when _________” You are feeling just fine but they want you to remember a time when you felt like they do so that you will be able to relate to their pain. They are actually pulling your vibratory rate down to their level so you are equals. In that similar frequency, problems can transfer easily between the two of you. They can relieve some of their angst by putting some of it on you. Since you are at similar levels then, it is like water passing between the two you. As payment for this, the person will flatter you shamelessly for being a good friend and a good listener. They go about their day feeling relieved and you may now feel out of sorts. But that is the price to pay for being a good friend. Right? Wrong. This relationship dynamic has been going on for too long. Someone can be a great friend without listening to all that a person can dish out. Some people have become very crafty in getting their needs met this way. It is not fair to […]

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Regaining Power

The concept of power is hardly ever explored but in actuality, it is what drives most people. Some people associate it with freedom, some are afraid of abusing it and some people treat it as a commodity. Throughout our past lives we have at times both abused power and felt powerless. It is easy to tell which a person is grappling with in this life by their behavior. Those of us who have played the power game and have acted out the scenarios of war and abuse in many lifetimes, are interested in nothing more than peace. Those of us who are digging in our heels and afraid of being subjugated either have a fear of losing power or a have a thirst for more. I think if there is an evil, it would be in using others’ fear to manipulate them into giving up what little power they have in exchange for the illusion of having more. Once someone gives up their rights, it is much more difficult to get them back. Health, peace of mind, and even fresh water were once the norm. But now to have any one of those, we have to work diligently. We have […]

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