Question on Love

Question on Love

Do you feel it?

The warm glow of the body

Like being tucked into bed in new pajamas after a bath
Do you hear it?
The excitement of the peepers on the first warm night
Crickets itching their leg in unison
Do you smell it?
In the smoky fire that means security in the primal tongue
Do you see it
In the kind gestures that you are witness to
Do you feel it?
In the soft skin and fur of your loved ones.
Do you sense it?
In the hum of the atoms and the harmony of nature,
Do you appreciate it?
In each breath that anchors your Light to matter
Do you share it
In the many unique qualities you have accrued through experience
Do you believe it as your truth?
Do you embrace it as a virtue?
Do you own it as your center?
Do you define it in your presence?
Do you recognize it every moment?
Do you perceive it’s depth
Conceive it as a concept?
Hold a place for it in this world
Cherish it beyond all reason
Perpetually channel it forth?
Mimic and personify it?
To know yourself and all through it?
To open every door with a simple agreement
Saying yes to love and kindness
Always yes.

Jen Ward 6/9/14

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Love’s Call – Dedicated to You

Love’s Call – Dedicated to You

What must I say to inspire you?
What do you need to feel loved”
How can I convince you of the magnitude of your worth?
What else in words can be said?

I see all the pain that you carry
All the times you had to go it alone
All the memories you hold of being beaten or scorned
I watched as your heart turned to stone

I cheer you for your attempts to melt it
By focusing on a special some one
How can I make you understand that you’ve never been lost
Love bathes you effortlessly as the sun

Your tears were never a cry in the dark
They are a great means of flushing out pain
You are learning each moment the depth of your worth
To meet challenges without a hint of disdain

You now know you are more than an island
Or a stranger living unnoticed where you dwell
You are an infinite ember in a perpetual blaze
Not only Godlike but a God atom or cell

You carry all the attributes of Divinity
You display them well when you are “in love”
The trick is to realize that love comes from within
Not from without or above

Glean that special feeling of being in love
Except learn that it comes from the self
Don’t just wear in when you have a partner
Then put it once again on the shelf

Let love emanate from your very atoms
Let it shine on your skin like fresh dew
Let it whisper in, and kiss your sweat ear
Let it help you realize that It’s you

You hold all the keys to what you pray for
Guard the gate to your own inner realm.
You are the Master of your divinity
You are the captain at the helm

Steer yourself always to more of your true essence
In your workplace, society, and home
Never do you need to search to find love
Never again must you roam.

See Love reflected in nature
From each blade of grass to each tree
Never does it waver from its purpose
Never does it cry out, “Poor Me!”

You are a graceful display of personified Awesomeness
An inspiration to one and to all
You are respected and admired beyond all reproach
Simply by hearing and heeding Love’s call.

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Right Now, In This Moment, People Are:

Right Now, In This Moment, People Are:

Falling in love,

Experiencing their first kiss,

Sacrificing their life

Tucking their children into Bed

Spoiling their pets

Discovering a truth

Enjoying a snack

Sharing a nap

Learning from their Dreams

Braced in anticipation

Immersed in reverence

Serving in reverence

Discovering their purpose

Laughing uncontrollably

Crying their eyes out

Honing their craft





We are doing all these things with them. Consciousness is like breath. We breath in all the experiences of humanity and exhale our contribution to the mix. We ebb and flow with the rhythm of life. All of these experiences are vibrating within our atoms and feeding our soul.

No one cries alone. We all cry with you

No one unworthy. We all are capable of experiencing our grandeur

Even a lifetime of futility is a great contribution to life.

It give soul girth. It gives us teeth.

Thank you for what you give.

Thank you for your presence.

You matter.

You are worthy.

You are celebrated by the angels.

They weep with you when you cry

And celebrate you victories.

You are loved.

You are honored.

You are Life itself.

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The Miracle of You

The Miracle of You

Kindness is my prayer

Encouragement is my song

Sincerity is my anthem

Singing it makes me strong

Connectedness is my motto

Service is my decree

Helping others is my virtue

Doing so makes me free

Taking is sometimes giving

Receiving graciously is a gift

justice is spontaneous

The law of Love works swift

Everything you think

Everything you do

Is meant to excel you further

Into the miracle of you

If denial is your option

Ignorance is it too

Intelligence isn’t awareness

That’s what smart people misconstrue

Awareness leads from the heart

Intelligence may follow

A good mind without the heart

Can leave one cold and hollow

But a heart with pure intention

Has warmth and depth to spare

That is how their recognized

They have ample love to share.

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What Would Dr. Suess Say?

What Would Dr. Suess Say?

You think I am “There”

And you are here

But you are there

There is here

We are here

Here is now

We are in

The Here and Now

You think I’m great

And you are small

That makes no sense

No sense at all

How can it be?

When I am “you”

We are the same

Just one

Not two

As a fact,

We are all one

It’s always been

Since life begun

We are not separate

You and me

We are the same

We are the “we”

The world is made

Of one big “we”

We span the globe

This we that’s me

When you are hurt

We feel the same

We cry and stomp

And give out blame

We defend ourselves

Exhaust our wits

Stomp about

In angry fits

But when we perch

To strike a blow

Then is the time

We need to know

When we hurt them

We hurt the “we”

I hurt you

You hurt me

Let’s turn the tables

On this game

Disarm the drones

And refrain

When you want

To hate yourself

See me crying

On a shelf

When you want

To say you’re bad


You’ve just been “had.

The hate you give…

To your “me”

Is the plight

Of the

Universal we

If you want to

Heal the All

Crumble that

Inner wall

The wall that says

You cannot be



Happy, free

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