Where Kindness Prevails

Most people have been so abandoned, abused, used, enslaved, lied to, or broken beyond repair that they have their shutters closed tightly. It takes an incredibly pure intention and act of selfless kindness to help them understand that is all an illusion. They have been acting in a wonderful performance of life. They have been playing a part. They are NOT abandoned. They are in the midst of the deepest and most satisfying love at all times. They are not abused. They were doing field study in how to have compassion for all other aspects of life. They weren’t used. They agreed to a dynamic to learn about the devastating abuse of power, by being engaged with it. They were never enslaved. Their soul light was always watching from a distance marveling at the depths of despair that illusion can bring. They were never really lied to because the perpetrators had no understanding of their own truth. They have never been broken. Fragmentation of light just makes a beautiful prism. And although music can echo through a canyon, it still originates in whole and fabulous streams of notes. Yes it takes a pure and loving act of extreme kindness and […]

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Pandemic of Kindness

The same mistake is made generation after generation. Power is used to fight power. All that does is create a power struggle, which power loves! Each new crop of clever minds thinks they have cracked the code on how to fight the corrupt. Their goal is to sway the mind of the masses to their perspective. They are the righteous, they are the noble, they are more powerful in their goodness. There is a much simpler way: through the heart instead of the mind. Honor the simple, value kindness, and engage in respectful interactions as much as possible. It isn’t done by rallying the masses but by inspiring every person to take back their individuality. We empower individuality with each simple act of kindness. We are of the heart when we forgo the petty power struggles: to be first in line, to cut off the other driver, to be right all the time. We are from the heart when we value other species, see the value in things that others dismiss, share our unique vantage point without fear of ridicule. We are of the heart when we relax our grip on excess and find contentment in the smallest wonder. What […]

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The Butterfly Effect

What if our smallest kindness could uplift and support people on the other side of the world, who are fighting for quality of life and freedom? Even if there is an off-chance, a remote possibility of a correlation between us and them, isn’t it worth the risk to make the extra effort to be kind? If we do believe in our interconnectedness, shouldn’t we live in kindness with the same passion that they are risking their lives?

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Terrorized to Death

Recently I had a private session with a regular client. It is difficult to convey the sense I get about someone when I connect with them but today, I was feeling a void in this client. It was a disconnect. She is one of the most sensible women I know but the word that came through was crazy. I picked up that her husband called her crazy sometimes and ignored her when she was feeling a particular form of needy. The lifetime that this triggered in her opened up to me. It was her night to die. It was planned. Everyone knew it but her. The scene was a jungle village at night. There was an erupting volcano in the background. It seemed to be some spiritual significance to it. She was led along a path and then her companions disappeared. She was in the woods alone and selected tribesmen arrived in voodoo masks. It was their job to terrorize her. The purpose was to terrify her to death so that they could trap her essence in terror and use it to perpetuate fear and control over others. When her husband called her crazy or ignored her, he had no idea what trauma […]

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Chain Reaction of Kindness

Every time we open a door for another, allow them to pass first, concede to them in traffic, smile indiscriminately at them, let them cut in line…we are reprogramming a cue within them that feels they are not competing with us. Every time we allow others the space to work out their primal issues, without taking offense and reacting, we better them and ourselves. Survival is ingrained at such a deep level that it may take many gestures from kind strangers to show others how to transcend the behavior to compete. If someone cuts us off in anger, they are not seeing us, but an enemy they have met from eons ago. How wonderful if that core dynamic can be chipped away, and replaced with a kinder interaction. Those who have compassion, foresight, and composure are capable of the effort to do so. Whenever someone is thoughtless or unkind in your everyday encounters, imagine how your own child, partner, or friend has been ornery at some time in the past. You would want them to be treated with compassion even if their behavior in that moment didn’t warrant it. Be a kind friend to all strangers, because someone loves them somewhere. […]

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