A Healer’s Healing

Contempt for the Lord’s Of Karma Recently I had a private session with a very accomplished healer. I have incredible respect for her. She has helped so many people at such an incredibly deep level and yet she still has personal issues to deal with. When we started speaking, she got frustrated because I don’t listen to issues. When I stopped her from explaining something to me, she said that she felt like she was on the witness stand and was not being allowed to defend herself. Immediately I saw an image of her between lifetimes. She was standing before the Lords of Karma. The Lords of Karma are energetic beings that serve by deciding if souls need to go back to earth, and if so, what the conditions of that lifetime will be. In this image, they were deciding to send her back. She was very frustrated and angry. There was one small issue that she was not understanding, and so she had to incarnate because of it. When they questioned her, her energy stirred and they encountered that it was a deeper issue than it first appeared. She thought she had been cleared to transcend but then on […]

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Undoing the Abuse of Male Energy in the World

Recently, in contemplation, I was shown many strong men. One was on crutches and screaming for someone to meet him. A teen boy was watching the behavior. There was another man in a house afraid to go outside. He was hiding from the other man. This is what I understood from the imagery. They were all healthy men. The one in the car was using his strength as a crutch to get his own way instead of to empower anything, including himself. The teenage boy was observing how to be a man by watching. He was learning the wrong lesson. The man in the house was strong and whole but he was afraid of his own strength. He thought himself weak and that made him weak. It occurred to me that I have never posted taps to assist the male energy in correcting itself. Here is my attempt. You do not need to be male to do these. We all have a component of both Yin and Yang in us. May this help bring those into balance for the individuals and the collective. I release using male energy as a crutch, in all lifetimes. I release the belief that men […]

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Enlightening the Masses

Recently I facilitated a session with a woman who felt it was her passion to educate everyone against the ills of the controlling factions. She would do anything she could to lead others to the truth. What she did not realize was in past lives she was the one that had controlled others. Her gifts and talents were used to suppress the lives of others. This was a point of contention that she was trying to undo in the present life. It was less about her trying to uplift humanity than to undo the karmic ties from when she suppressed the freedom of others. A past life of hers opened up to reveal when this issue played out. She was a very intelligent young officer in a cavalry outpost. Their mission was to clear away Indians so that settlers could move in. She was able to use her skills to help her company make better ground with their mission. This directly resulted in the death and displacement of many Indians. When I revealed this lifetime to my client it resonated as truth to her. One of her special projects in this lifetime was highlighting the plight of the Native Americans. Now […]

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Spiritual Law

Some people think of karma as a punishing agent. That is only an aspect of it. I don’t see karma in a negative way, as a sort of universal revenge. I don’t ever wish harm on others because I get a sense of how much pain they are already in. But that doesn’t mean that those of us who have outgrown the need for revenge are not touched by the synchronicity of the principle of karma. Instead of thinking of karma as a punishing force, why not thing of it as a force that rewards noble intention? For instance when one uses great patience to be kind to all of life, the Universe shows kindness and tolerance in return. I know what it is like to be unheard, invalidated, and to have my needs ignored, so to impose that same experience on anyone would cause me, indirectly, to re-live painful experiences. A form of self-healing is to go out of my way to listen to the small requests of those around me; especially the ones that usually go unheard, and validate their needs. When it is cold outside, I make certain that my dog Simha and I have extra layers […]

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A Spiritual Marriage

Two of my clients are married to each other. Their sessions many times involve each other. They both have committed this lifetime to the spiritual goal of working off all their karma. It is an intense undertaking. In youth, everything is fueled with a wonderment and a zealousness that strokes life with a broad brush. It is a noble endeavor for a couple to maintain their commitment to each other when passion wanes to contentment. In their individual sessions, I am shown how each pushes the other one’s buttons. On the surface, to onlookers, I imagine a relationship of many years may look cantankerous or apathetic. I got a beautiful glimpse of the commitment level of this couple. Through them I was shown the incredible depth, endurance, and selflessness of Divine Love. This couple has been together for many lifetimes. It may seem like they would want to part ways. But this couple is committed to nudging each other closer to the heart of love. When they are annoying each other, they are uncovering pockets of issues that need to be released for each to be closer to God. They are in effect, spotting each other for remnants of ego […]

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