Taps:  Find and Center in Your Bliss

Taps: Find and Center in Your Bliss

Want to know what SFT (Spiritual Freedom Technique) Taps Are? Click Here!

Say each statement out-loud three times while continuously tapping on the top of your head, and say it a fourth time while continuously tapping on your chest.

Don’t skip any because you don’t think they apply to you. The ones you want to skip are the ones you need to do.

“I declare myself a surrogate for humanity in doing these taps, in all moments.”
“We unfurl the billow of our true essence, in all moments.”
“We unhatch the safety catch on our heart chakra, in all moments.”
“We infuse unbridled bliss and gratitude into every fiber of our beingness, in all moments.”
“We release partitioning off love, in all moments.”
“We release denying love to some, in all moments.”
“We melt all aversion to love with our kindness, in all moments.”
“We singe through all apathy with our sincerity, in all moments.”
“We decompartmentalize love, in all moments.”
“We melt away the ego with Divine Love, in all moments.”
“We blur the line between self and others, in all moments.”
“We shift our paradigm from working for a wage to living our purpose, in all moments.”
“We shift our paradigm from being told what to do, to knowing our own truth, in all moments.”
“We shift our paradigm from slavery to freedom, in all moments.”
“We shift our paradigm from dis-ease to self-healing, in all moments.”
“We break through to the dawn of systemic awakening of the true self, in all moments.”
“We crack through the shell of the orb of indifference, in all moments.”
“We exponentiate our love in the heartbeat of humanity, in all moments.”
“We feel the awakening of humanity through our own circadian rhythms, in all moments.”
“We perpetuate our life force within the fluid nectar of each sapling tree, in all moments.”
“We are grounded in our wisdom to the sentience of each majestic tree, in all moments.”
“We are as fluid and flexible as each blade of grass in an organic field, in all moments.”
“We are vested in each soul as deeply as every atom of our own beingness, in all moments.”
“We pour perpetual love into every atom of our beingness, in all moments.”
“We pour perpetual love into every soul in existence, in all moments.”
“We infuse Divine Love into every atom of our beingness, in all moments.”
“We infuse Divine Love into the sound frequency of every soul in existence, in all moments.”
“We imbue Divine Love into the light emanation of every atom of our beingness, in all moments.”
“We imbue Divine Love into the light emanation of every soul in existence, in all moments.”
“We release refusing any soul the honor and respect any child of light deserves, in all moments.”
“We show every soul honor and respect through their own accountability, in all moments.”
“We make power and manipulation obsolete, in all moments.”
“We render fear and ignorance obsolete, in all moments.”
“We render ego supremacy obsolete, in all moments.”
“We render male dominance obsolete, in all moments.”
“We render the practice of enslaving individuals obsolete, in all moments.”
“We shift our paradigm to the empowerment of tapping into source, in all moments.”
“We align the microcosm with the macrocosm and center them both in Divine Love, in all moments.”
“Both the microcosm and macrocosm resonate, emanate, and perpetuate Divine Love, in all moments.”
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Love’s Call – Dedicated to You

Love’s Call – Dedicated to You

What must I say to inspire you?
What do you need to feel loved”
How can I convince you of the magnitude of your worth?
What else in words can be said?

I see all the pain that you carry
All the times you had to go it alone
All the memories you hold of being beaten or scorned
I watched as your heart turned to stone

I cheer you for your attempts to melt it
By focusing on a special some one
How can I make you understand that you’ve never been lost
Love bathes you effortlessly as the sun

Your tears were never a cry in the dark
They are a great means of flushing out pain
You are learning each moment the depth of your worth
To meet challenges without a hint of disdain

You now know you are more than an island
Or a stranger living unnoticed where you dwell
You are an infinite ember in a perpetual blaze
Not only Godlike but a God atom or cell

You carry all the attributes of Divinity
You display them well when you are “in love”
The trick is to realize that love comes from within
Not from without or above

Glean that special feeling of being in love
Except learn that it comes from the self
Don’t just wear in when you have a partner
Then put it once again on the shelf

Let love emanate from your very atoms
Let it shine on your skin like fresh dew
Let it whisper in, and kiss your sweat ear
Let it help you realize that It’s you

You hold all the keys to what you pray for
Guard the gate to your own inner realm.
You are the Master of your divinity
You are the captain at the helm

Steer yourself always to more of your true essence
In your workplace, society, and home
Never do you need to search to find love
Never again must you roam.

See Love reflected in nature
From each blade of grass to each tree
Never does it waver from its purpose
Never does it cry out, “Poor Me!”

You are a graceful display of personified Awesomeness
An inspiration to one and to all
You are respected and admired beyond all reproach
Simply by hearing and heeding Love’s call.

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Taps:  Healing the Broken Child Within

Taps: Healing the Broken Child Within

Let’s face it. Not everyone has had a happy childhood. Some of us have come into a lonely, loveless life where nurturing and kindness was something we watched happen to others from afar. Some of us are still numb from the experience. Some of us have not been able to gain the momentum in life that those; who have been treasured; have to their advantage.

There are great techniques to change the script of what we endured at the mercy of the world. A good technique is to Visualize yourself as an angel of light and go to the baby that you once were. Pour incredible love into your self in baby form. Give yourself all the encouragement and nurturing that was withheld from you. Return often to the child the baby grows into and comfort yourself in those lonely, scary moments that you have endured.

You can also tap into earlier lifetimes when you were loved. Realize that this lifetime is only one experience and it does not define the totality of who you are.

Also, try doing these taps:

Want to know what SFT (Spiritual Freedom Technique) Taps Are? Click Here!

Insert the child’s name in the blank saying each statement out-loud three times while continuously tapping on the top of your head, and say it a fourth time while continuously tapping on your chest.

Don’t skip any because you don’t think they apply to you. The ones you want to skip are the ones you need to do.

“I release the trauma of being born; in all moments.”

“I release the trauma of being molested in all moments.”

“I release the trauma of losing my innocence; in all moments.”

“I release mourning my innocence; in all moments.”

“I release being a scapegoat; in all moments.”

“I release being the black sheep; in all moments.”

“I release the belief that my parents hate me; in all moments.”

“I release the belief that I am unlovable; in all moments.”

“I release being numb; in all moments.”

“I release the belief that I am damaged; in all moments.”

“I release defining my childhood as unhappy; in all moments.”

“I release being shattered in all moments.”

“I make myself whole; in all moments.”

“I heal all my wounds; in all moments.”

“I shift the paradigm of my childhood to Joy, Love, Abundance, Security, Peace and Wholeness; in all lifetimes.”

“I am Loved, nurtured and valued; in all moments.”

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Mental Illness

Mental Illness

I know it must seem frustrating and scary to having such a reaction to life. But I see people with mental health issues as dynamic people who are opting out of the linear timeline of this reality and are embracing their exponential selves. Perhaps a little bit too much for those who covet the linear world that we live in. Of course there are imbalances, but they can be more rectified by someone who can be in exponential reality with the person who is struggling and can ease them back into a linear perception enough to function.

Because to many of us, the linear existence doesn’t make sense. Where guns are worshiped over people and rudeness is more socially acceptable than kindness. When hate and segregation are mandated from the highest office and those of us who benefit from the loving exchange of our elders ( the trees) are demonized. To us, mental illness seems like more of a sane response than the ignorance, contempt and denial that is prevalent these days.

It seems insane to me to hate people because they don’t perceive the creator of all life using the same mental framing as you. That some other avatar of truth thousands of years ago brought THEM closer to the creator than the one that you revere as the “one”. That people kill as a way to have a pissing contest over this and believe this would actually please the Source of all life.

That people treat others with so little care that there are throw away people in the streets because they can not compete with the performance level it takes to fit in. That the life cycle of so many children is to be coerced into serving their country to achieve respectability and after they serve are discarded in the streets without any viable skills to deem them worthy in the society that dismissed them so readily. That white skin is so much more special than any of the beautiful array of hues that are a part of the rainbow of individuality.

That outer beauty is worshiped to such a degree that those who have tasted such adulation will mutilate their faces and starve their bodies just to maintain the illusion of it a little longer. That a majority of over pious practitioners would ignore the plight of foreigners, veterans and the down trodden but be OBSESSED by any little tissue that is collecting in the womb of any woman.

I can do effective work with the mentally ill. They have the vulnerability, openness, receptivity and humanity to reach. I simply meet them in the expansiveness of their truth and tow them back to linear reality using my understanding and capabilities as a towing rig.
I can use someone who knows them as a surrogate at first. A surrogate is kind of the way to find someone in energy using someone who loves them to tap into the coordinates.

They are much easier to ground and to build a solid foundation around. Those that are difficult to help are those who believe they have life all figured out,are pious, have definite judgements and opinions and are in denial about the limitations of their own vantage point. But those who are sensitive to the inconsistencies in this life, have a definite edge. That is probably why they have wiggle room to go over that edge once in awhile.

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SFT Taps:  Dismantle Psychic Policing

SFT Taps: Dismantle Psychic Policing

Morality is an inside job. The only one who can dictate integrity is our own moral compass. It is a connection with our own truth. Everything I write and share is dictated to me in energy and I transcribe it into words. I have become very proficient at listening to my Guides . It has kept me alive and has served me well. My Guides are my friends and equals. I do not sit at their feet.

All my posts are designed to free individuals from the grips of mass control. I have been writing and sharing for the last eight years daily techniques, poems, incites. taps, inspirational quotes and observations. It is all about gifting the world with higher awareness. I am a very gifted healer as well. Truth and love resonate at similar frequencies. So if there is more truth in the world,there is more love as well.

Many people have told me to stop sharing so much because it ruins my business. It meets people’s needs without them needing a session with me. Good. I have watched the freedom and awareness that is blooming in the world and I sincerely know that I have initiated that with my work. I did not come here merely to provide food for my table. I have come here to empower all individuals to make space in this world for Universal peace.

It is interesting though, that people who have benefited from my work still feel the right to police what I do. They compare themselves with me, lecture me, brag about their abilities and try to hold me to their understanding of morality on a knee jerk reaction. They have revealed the reason so many people are afraid to speak their truth. It is because of psychic policing. The means girl mentality does not just show up in high school. It may be more subtle but it even shows up in spiritual circles.

Just yesterday, I got distracted from my work a few times by this psychic policing. I was writing about current events. I wrote about political issues because they are a learning tool for those awakening to the subtle ways of power. In teaching spiritual law, there is no better way to help individuals take back their empowerment than by addressing blatantly obvious injustices that we are all watching play out.

Politics is where individual energy has been collected. It used to be as subtle as a sundry tax, but now it is depleting the life force of individuals who do not realize how to protect themselves. I show everyone how to do that. It is as simple as refusing to pay a tax. If everyone refused to pay taxes all at once, the government would collapse. When people refuse to give their energy to power groups, they will dismantle as well.

I am teaching people to energetically refuse to give their energy to groups that are fleecing their life force. It is working. That is why all these power mongers and their web of connections are more recognizable. As individuals withdraw their energy from power groups, they lose the ability to dominate and bulldoze over individual souls. People are now exercising this by showing up and protesting. That is evidence of a shift. These groups love it when people feel helpless or beholden to them. That is how they thrive. That is what gives them their magnetic shine.

In energy diminishing these groups is not done by simply protesting, but withdrawing your energy of support or allegiance to these groups. That is why patriotism is ruthlessly mandated, Patriotism is a means of energetically taxing the individuals. It just is. I can love and have gratitude for all the gifts of existing in America, But if I don’t have patriotism, I am not adding to the coffers. It is as important to keeping the power grids working. That is why the psychic police are ruthless about demanding patriotism.

Very aware souls know this principle innately and have come to not feel patriotism anymore. They have sensed the dynamic of it taxing their energy. Ethical leaders do not require demonstrative admiration. They understand it is a mandate that is used to feed power. It doesn’t feed anything loving. It feeds power. That is how one can gauge their concept of God. If it needs stroking, it is not God but power. The psychic police set up the concept of worshiping God as a means to extract energy from the loyal.

Notice the leaders that demand that individuals tout loyalty to country. They are the same ones who are using individual energy for ill gain. In fact, some of us can see someone demanding patriotism as a sign that they are operating from a more judgmental, energetically coarse platform. Those who don’t demand such demonstrative displays, are less energetically taxing individuals. It is good not to be energetically taxed. Then you are free to use all your energy towards a more noble intention of true honoring Source through out flowing to others from Source within/

These people who scan our words and actions for infractions are psychic police. Their job is to keep fringe elements from wandering out of group dynamics and breaking the psychic force field that is used as a fence to contain them. In a way they police a psychic wall. The wall is a very spiritual analogy of wanting to contain people in mass control. Labels are another means of containing. That is why I consider the term “Light Worker” an oxymoron. The label itself is a containment for spiritual individuals. A true Light Worker doesn’t resonate so easily with labels.

These psychic police maintain any kind of group by shaming the individuals and calling them out if they wander away from the mandated belief. They are ruthlessly protecting an energetic containment of some kind. We see this happening in religions, politics. families and even in social groups. It has become systemic bullying and the only means to really keep people “in” at this point. Those awakening have lost their fear of what lies beyond the border. They know it is freedom.

Yesterday I was affronted by a few of these psychic police over what I say. I got lectured that my comments were unkind (they were not) and people who have read my page for years and must realize my pure intention, were now calling me out for what I posted. Now I realize that some people who read my page, are not here to benefit themselves but they are acting as psychic police for spiritual principles. They think they have well intentions but are patrolling the wall for infractions. As soon as I say something that is lessening their belief of what they have been told spirituality is, they are ready to admonish.

This has actually put a glass ceiling on spiritual awakening, Because some of the most spiritual savvy people I know, have been moonlighting as psychic police. But since I work from a vantage point that others are not at, I can see what others can not see.

It is interesting how so many people like to declare that we are at the same level. Especially when they are defying spiritual law. They are not at my vantage point, or else they would not need to make a point we are equals. They are trying to use my vibration to raise their own but they are really trying to pull me down. I usually do not address this unless they are harming others. Psychic police are harming others. People who try to discredit truth need to be seen.

Most people don’t know truth. They only know opinion. Opinion is not truth. I post truth. It resonates with a caliber of integrity. People need to feel this vibration and know how to resonate with it themselves. Psychic police do not want people to be so free. They may want to be more special than others to have an edge. This is what male energy does. They attempt to discredit me to maintain their special edge. In energy it is full on assaults. In words it may seem harmless. But make no mistake. Those subtle feeling s of being assaulted are real.

Now that I have pointed it out, people reading this are having lights of recognition go off. They will be able to recognize who has been doing this to them. It has all been done for power, control and to maintain a linear reality. But we are no longer contained in a linear timeline. We are exponential beings and as such we are empowered to maintain our own moral compass in all ways and in all matters of concern. This is spiritual freedom.

Anyone who psychically polices you is interfering with your spiritual freedom. In lower vibrations, laws do this. Many of us see the problem with dictating personal choice as far as morality. Mandating laws that infringe personal freedom are a very crude form of psychic policing. But psychic policing scans the polarity of very rudimentary choices to very refined choices. Like in how to conduct yourself as a spiritual being.

Some of the rules of spiritual psychic policing are; Don’t help anyone because they need to have the experience to strengthen themselves.Don’t heal anyone or else you will take on their karma. People need to fight it out. This is a warring Universe. You need to get out of the body to be spiritual. You need to gain perfection. You need to give your adoration to someone outside of yourself for protection. You need to ask permission before you heal someone. All of these maintain the walls of spirituality so that people don’t break out into their empowerment.

Of course it is okay to help others. Humanity has been shackled by power. If you saw an abused dog chained up, wouldn’t you help them? Even if they were biting at you? You tap into truth from within .You don’t need to put a man’s face on it so that the open chambers open up. Of course there will be things that seem scary. Fear is a gauge that you are getting closer to breaking through a wall and that you need to apply more love.

There is even the belief that truth must not be shared openly or it will be used to harm others. Well at this point truth needs to be in the hands of everyone to level the playing field. Because the only ones who have been accessing such principles are those that have been leveraging them against humanity. That is the reason I have been put in this position to defy all psychic policing and share all I can with those who are awakening. It is a necessary step in the awakening of humanity.

By the way, there are people who are at my vantage point. But it is never the ones who need to declare it. Either they are too busy assisting humanity in their own way, or don’t even realize their own depth because they have been feigning off an onslaught of psychic attacks. But here is to us helping them. It may well be you.

Please do these taps. Now that we can see psychic policing, it can no longer have such a hold over humanity. Lets remove its effectiveness.

Say each statement out-loud three times while continuously tapping on the top of your head, and say it a fourth time while continuously tapping on your chest.

Don’t skip any because you don’t think they apply to you. The ones you want to skip are the ones you need to do.

Want to know what SFT (Spiritual Freedom Technique) Taps Are? Click Here!

“I declare myself a surrogate for humanity in doing these taps; in all moments”

“I dismantle the practice of psychic policing; in all moments”

“I release being a contributor of psychic policing; in all moments”

“I withdraw all my energy from psychic policing; in all moments”

“I strip all layers of illusion and authority away from all psychic policing; in all moments”

“I disarm all agents of psychic policing; in all moments”

“I collapse and dissolve all limitations or walls maintained by psychic policing; in all moments”

“I nullify all contracts with psychic policing; in all moments”

“I shift my paradigm from psychic policing to spiritual freedom; in all moments”

“I transcend psychic policing; in all moments”

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