The ABC’s of Healing

The ABC’s of Healing

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Always think positive thoughts. Words have a vibration. Your mind is a 3-D printer. Whatever you think, you manifest. This is especially true of those with greater awareness. The more you consciously pick your thoughts and words better, the greater force for positivity you can be in the world.

Be Loving and Kind. Love is a conduit for healing. Love opens up the energy field of the client and allows it to receive healing energy into itself.

Cleanse the energy of yourself and the room before and after the session. It doesn’t need to be a drawn out event. You can do it in an instant by blasting out the room with cleansing light and love with one quick intention.

Don’t make the session about you in any way. This takes away from the client. They have to totally relax their energy. If you make them receive anything about you, it does them a disservice. The client is NEVER to be put in the position of fulfilling the facilitator’s needs.

Everyone is a healer in some way. By seeing others as amazing and empowered, you help them manifest amazing things in themselves.

Forgo allowing your ego to be stroked in any way. Those who are quickest to praise you may be the ones who are also to curse you.

Ground before a session. Tune into the Universe. Nature, Music, Light or Love. Use whatever it takes to expand your consciousness to realize your own expansiveness.

Healing is not a dirty word. We are trained to not accept our abilities as a healer. Stop apologizing for what you do. Stop keeping it secret or be shy about owning your gifts. When you accept yourself as a dynamic healer, you create a pathway for others to accept their abilities as well.

Imagine only good things. Never imagine bad things happening to anyone. This is using your creative grace in an unethical way. The more you guard the sacredness of what you imagine, the more the Universe will trust you will its secrets.

Judge no one or no situation. Judging anything means that you are working from the mental realms; which is limiting. The healing energy is drawn in from a place beyond the mind. When you are doing healing energy, you are not a physical being but a pure portal for expansive healing energy.

Keep the session totally about the client. Facilitators must not talk about anything but the client in a session or beyond. The client is formulating a new healthy reality as a base and it is unethical to contaminate that with past history or problems.

Lead from the Gut. Anything that comes to the physical, emotional or mental attention of the facilitator is a key to assist the client. There are no accidents.

Maintain a sense of order in your work space and life. Your work will reflect the order you maintain in other aspects of your existence.

Never ever inflict fear on a client. This is an arrogant way of keeping them dependent on you. Fear closes a person’s energy. This is not what we do as healers.

Observe the law of Silence. Insights regarding a looming disaster individually or globally are not helpful and not necessarily accurate. Sharing belief that bad things will happen may actually be feeding them into existence.

Praise other healers. There is no need for competition with them. When you empower other energy workers, you create a synergy between you and them. Your effectiveness becomes more exponential.

Quandaries are kept in dormant state. Don’t allow the clients to pull out all their issues and transfer them to your nervous system by telling you about them. Keep the issues in a dormant state of energy. Release all issues from the client while they are in energy form. It is much more effective and less wear and tear on your body.

Remain Neutral. Being detached from an outcome, allows for a drama free setting. Holding space for exponential possibilities for the client prevents the possibility of creating angst in any way.

Speak in plain language. There is no need to show off your knowledge by using energy buzz words that the client doesn’t know. This only puts an unnecessary divide between you and the client. It is not necessary to intimidate them. This is contraindicated to empowering them.

Telling the future is non-productive. As entertaining as it is, there is a multitude of outcomes for any situation. By telling someone what you see, you may be limiting their choices and locking them in an outcome. Doing so is a disservice.

Understand that you are being stretched as you help others. Fear will come in as an indicator that you are being stretched. It is not to be used to make you recoil from what you do, it’s a means to gauge that you are moving beyond the ego and the ego may be wanting to prevent that.

Value your work. Don’t use the client to validate your worth as a healer. Seeking approval from them in any way prevents you from being as dynamic as you can be.

Wish the best for everyone. This intention will help the healing energy to always be prevalent. You will become a vortex of healing with very little effort necessary.

X-expect miracles. A miracle is merely shifting energy in a way that others don’t understand. The more you get comfortable expecting dynamic outcomes, the more your intentions will be manifested.

Zing with gratitude. Gratitude opens up the chakras. Gratitude allows more healing energy to move through you to assist others.

Spending time around others who are unimpressed with your talents but enjoy you as a friend are a great way to stay grounded. If you are feeling too immersed in your work, go to the mall or somewhere else where there is a lot of others and balance out by just being present doing the ordinary. It may be just the thing to bring relief.

One gauge that may show that you are overwhelmed or not remaining detached is the cleanliness standards that you are able to maintain. Sometimes balancing out is as simple as cleaning a messy room or even bathing and decluttering in some way.

Don’t judge.

Everyone is a Lightworker. The more you see them as such, the more it will help them manifest their healing gifts. The less you judge them the more you empower them.

I am certain that volumes could be shared on how to maintain one’s Light and Love. It is good to write them down and put a little attention on them for one’s self but it is also good to not mandate the spontaneity and Love out of anything. It is good to also realize that everyone is human and working on their issues as much as possible, Instead of being critical of other Lightworkers, merely be grateful for their company on the road to the heart of Love.

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The Correlation Between Healing and Physics

The Correlation Between Healing and Physics

I asked my brother who is a genius at explaining complicated concepts, to explain anti- matter to me. I am convinced that how I assist clients is based on physics and other physical laws. So I am trying to find a way to bridge an understanding from my work to mainstream thought.

I am not able to even articulate our conversation, but I know there is something relevant in what I do. He was talking about unknowns and invariables and that antimatter is the mirror image of matter. And when a particle of matter is introduced to its mirror image, they turn into nothing and a huge amount of energy is released. (Please no physics lectures. I understand my rudiment butchering of Einstein’s work).

He explained about some principle where: there are two waves of energy maybe electrical and magnetic that are intertwined together. When he said this, it occurred to me that maybe thought energy is magnetic, and emotional energy is electrical, (or vice versa) and that matter is the literal manifestation of all thoughts and emotions.

Going with this theory, it occurred to me that I do use this principle when I am working with clients. What if there were two kinds of manifestations. What if everything is the product of an emotion supported by a thought or a thought supported by an emotion? Say for instance someone is sad and there is a reason or thought that supports the sadness. What if you introduced the mirror image of this to them and used it to just dissipate the whole issue? What if a positive thought supported by an emotion is similar to anti matter and will destroy the original emotion? I have done this and it works.

The mirror image of a sadness supported by a weak thought is a strong thought supported by a positive emotion. When I used this technique, it surprises people and brings them right out of a funk. It seems that the byproduct is clarity.

Take a sad thought that someone lays on you. They are expecting you to add a sad thought to it like sympathy and make it even a heavier shroud for them to cocoon themselves in. For example my boyfriend broke up with me. The person is telling you this in anticipation of the sympathy they will accrue from sharing.

Instead of giving them sympathy, give them a strong thought supported by an emotion.

Instead of saying, I am so sorry which they believe is their right to hear; say something positive. For instance, “Well isn’t that great that you are free of a situation that you knew wasn’t going anywhere and you didn’t have to hurt him. How awesome!” The person will be stunned into silence maybe. To their emotion that is supported by a thought, you introduced its mirror image; a thought supported by an emotion.

The important thing to realize is that your counter-thought MUST be true and MUST be supported by an emotion or else you have just offended them deeply. You could say the same EXACT thing to them and if it isn’t supported by a sincere emotion, then it will not have the effect planned.

Try this with any situation. The key is that the thought has to be true to your knowledge and it has to be supported by an emotion. If you have someone who always complains and tries to get attention for it, practice this technique on them and see if it doesn’t free you of their barrage of negativity. For anything that they throw at you, there is a counter thought with emotion with which to dissipate it.

So here is the equation:

Negative emotion propped on a thought + Positive thought supported with emotion = Freedom

Here are some examples:

  • I am sad because my dog just died.  Counter: You have an angel always by your side now.
  • The town was devastated by a hurricane! Counter: Isn’t it amazing how people pull together in the time of crisis?  (Remember the thought has to be supported by the emotion to work.)
  • Life is just getting harder and harder. Counter: People are becoming so strong from their experiences.

I am not certain if my physics theory is sound or not, I just know that I help people dissipate their issues in a relatively short time. I know it isn’t magic. I know it isn’t as far-fetched as people who don’t understand the process may think. I know that I tune into people at a very profound level and if they don’t understand or are invested in their issues, they may fear the process. But people who I have helped realize the one simple truth, what I do is done out of Love and that Love is a conduit for its success.

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Healing Ourselves and the Planet through Tending a Zen Garden

Healing Ourselves and the Planet through Tending a Zen Garden

In any of my healing sessions, the client is pulled out of their current vantage point and given an overview of their problems. Once lifted out, they are less apt to over-analyze or react emotionally. Change can then occur. By dislodging the client from strong opinions and emotions, positive healing energy can flow through. In a similar way, a Zen garden heals by taking an individual out of their particular vantage point on earth.

A Zen garden on the surface seems very simplistic. Yet it is a very powerful tool for healing. It is a metaphysical principal that: when you heal yourself, you heal the whole. This concept is conveyed through the microcosm (physical self) being a reflection of the macrocosm (Universe).  Another way to say this is: as above, so below. The Zen Garden is a model of our life, our world, and the Universe.

In a Zen Garden, the rocks represent landmasses and the sand represents the water. The other components of the Garden are a rake and a defined Boundary. There are layers upon layers of ways to contemplate using the simple process of raking the sand. One main point is that the garden, like all problems, is contained. They are not bigger than the keeper of the garden. The rake is symbolic tending to problems by humbly infusing them with Love in a detached way.

One of the difficulties in healing is the individual’s inability to let go of a problem.  The best way to heal any situation is by detaching from it. That is the purpose of the simple prayer “Thy will be done”. The tiny mechanism of the human brain is incapable of manufacturing the miracles that the Universe is able to. It needs to let go of them so that the Universe can cleanse itself. If a person needs to hang on to a problem, the Universe in its humility will allow the problem to exist only if it is to teach someone how to finally overcome it. So in a sense, all problems are an exercise in detaching from them. That is simply what a miracle is. It is the microcosm stepping back long enough for the macrocosm to bring order.

So the purpose of the Zen Garden is very simplistic but very complex. It is a means of occupying the physical, emotional and mental components of an individual so that the spiritual aspect can come into play and create order. It teaches detachment. This is the way healing is done. The oil spill, for example was not helped one iota by the fear, anger, and complaining that was spewed in its name.

One can only imagine how much better any situation would mend itself if everyone who had the awareness to do so would redirect their thought streams into loving the planet. They can do this more readily by simply tending a Zen Garden with Love for a few minutes a day. It would assist not only in clearing out the individual but it would create a conduit for the Holy Spirit to move through and heal the earth.

A great healing technique is to create a Zen garden. As you rake the sand, put love into the process of tending it. See yourself not as one insignificant person, but a keeper of the planet. Know that you are breaking up negativity by lovingly tending to the garden. Rake love into your garden. Remove all judgments and just tend the garden in simple reverence.

Do this as a discipline, not to look for change but to come to a better understanding of the purpose of life. See yourself as a humble guardian of something greater than your human understanding. You may begin to perceive yourself as a watchful observer of humanity. By doing so, you will be on the precipice of Wisdom, Humility and Healing.

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Everyone is a Healer

Everyone is a Healer

Anyone who:

Lives in a state of selflessness

Loves in an indiscriminate way

Uplifts the hearts of others

Cares about the plights of those less fortunate

Honors Nature and all its inhabitants

Gives with a selfless intention

Carries others into a greater state of Freedom

Validates the potential of all individuals.

Kisses booboos on scraped knees.

Teaches others how to awaken to their own truth

Gleans Wisdom from every experience.

Passes on their wisdom

Eases pain without martyrdom

Awaken all those who have been conditioned to fail

Brings smile to sour faces

Fills the belly of the starving

Restores dignity to those who have been desecrated

Smooth out the wrinkles in a furrowed brow

Love the children that came out of the body of another vessel

Breathe love into the very air…..

……then they are a healer.

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Taps:  Healing the Broken Child Within

Taps: Healing the Broken Child Within

Let’s face it. Not everyone has had a happy childhood. Some of us have come into a lonely, loveless life where nurturing and kindness was something we watched happen to others from afar. Some of us are still numb from the experience. Some of us have not been able to gain the momentum in life that those; who have been treasured; have to their advantage.

There are great techniques to change the script of what we endured at the mercy of the world. A good technique is to Visualize yourself as an angel of light and go to the baby that you once were. Pour incredible love into your self in baby form. Give yourself all the encouragement and nurturing that was withheld from you. Return often to the child the baby grows into and comfort yourself in those lonely, scary moments that you have endured.

You can also tap into earlier lifetimes when you were loved. Realize that this lifetime is only one experience and it does not define the totality of who you are.

Also, try doing these taps:

Want to know what SFT (Spiritual Freedom Technique) Taps Are? Click Here!

Insert the child’s name in the blank saying each statement out-loud three times while continuously tapping on the top of your head, and say it a fourth time while continuously tapping on your chest.

Don’t skip any because you don’t think they apply to you. The ones you want to skip are the ones you need to do.

“I release the trauma of being born; in all moments.”

“I release the trauma of being molested in all moments.”

“I release the trauma of losing my innocence; in all moments.”

“I release mourning my innocence; in all moments.”

“I release being a scapegoat; in all moments.”

“I release being the black sheep; in all moments.”

“I release the belief that my parents hate me; in all moments.”

“I release the belief that I am unlovable; in all moments.”

“I release being numb; in all moments.”

“I release the belief that I am damaged; in all moments.”

“I release defining my childhood as unhappy; in all moments.”

“I release being shattered in all moments.”

“I make myself whole; in all moments.”

“I heal all my wounds; in all moments.”

“I shift the paradigm of my childhood to Joy, Love, Abundance, Security, Peace and Wholeness; in all lifetimes.”

“I am Loved, nurtured and valued; in all moments.”

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