Expounding Into An Exponential Reality

Expounding Into An Exponential Reality

People use the phrase, “Everything is meant to be” to quantify spirituality. It is something that people use to defend a complacency sometimes. It relieves people of self responsibility. That is not spiritual empowerment.

The retreat that I will be facilitating next month, I will be addressing a lot of these fallacies that are a glass ceiling on your spirituality and our abilities to heal.

They are a means of shutting our energy down instead of assisting us in realizing our own omniscience. They are spouted by very wise people but are no less as limiting as believing we are dammed to a fiery hell for eternity. They include:

Reluctance to heal people unless they give a verbal request.

(people are desperate for help. That is what prayers are)

Fear of taking on karma.

(When you do expansive healing, take the vantage point of energy. You are nothing but Love.)

Belief in a dark force.

(You are absolute Light. There is no darkness next to you.)

There are very subtle forms of limitations put on the human condition because in never occurs to people to challenge their beliefs. The retreat will help people embrace their healing abilities and remove the limitations that they excepted.

We are not stick figures moving along a conveyor belt. We are star bursts expounding into an exponential reality. 

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The Difference Between a Healer and Traditional Medicine

The Difference Between a Healer and Traditional Medicine

One listens to the body

Is not intrusive

Does not attack the body or cause pain

Does not feel superior to the individual

Realizes the synergy of a group Intention

Does not override natural pathways

Does not use the word “terminal”

Doesn’t poison the whole system

Does not make the person feel inferior or hopeless

Is based on the natural vibration of the earth and her fruits

Treats the body as an extension of nature

Operates within the laws of nature

Holds the individual accountable with speech, thoughts and actions

Does not hold strong opinions as a by product

Honors the individual parts of the individual

Continues to learn and adapt

Is rewarded in more than monetary increments

Speaks to a profound aspect of the self and the Universe.

Is always looking to improve their skills

Realizes there is always more to learn

Doesn’t compartmentalize the body, an issue or life

Honors the healing ability and capability in all

Honors life in all forms

Is aware of their own limitations

Is not motivated by outer accolades

Understands that all forms of healing have merit

Recognizes healing when it happens

Is grateful and aware

Listens with reverence and respect

Includes the individual in the process

Honors life on even a cellular level

Pursues multifaceted venues to health

Is void of judgement

Accepts all types of healing, even western medicine as valid

The most important difference is that one believes that you should defer your power to them, but a natural healer knows that everyone is a healer and embraces the healer in all. If you want to embrace your own healing potential, capacity, abilities and self worth, join us for the August retreat and realize just how empowered you really are.

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Everyone is a Healer

Everyone is a Healer

Anyone who:

Lives in a state of selflessness

Loves in an indiscriminate way

Uplifts the hearts of others

Cares about the plights of those less fortunate

Honors Nature and all its inhabitants

Gives with a selfless intention

Carries others into a greater state of Freedom

Validates the potential of all individuals.

Kisses booboos on scraped knees.

Teaches others how to awaken to their own truth

Gleans Wisdom from every experience.

Passes on their wisdom

Eases pain without martyrdom

Awaken all those who have been conditioned to fail

Brings smile to sour faces

Fills the belly of the starving

Restores dignity to those who have been desecrated

Smooth out the wrinkles in a furrowed brow

Love the children that came out of the body of another vessel

Breathe love into the very air…..

……then they are a healer.

Learn More About The Healing The Healer’s Retreat in August 2018 here!

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How To Know If The Healing The Healers’s Retreat Is For You

How To Know If The Healing The Healers’s Retreat Is For You

You miss a sense of belonging but can’t stand group settings.

You have looked everywhere for inspiration but have been disappointed.

You know you have greatness inside but shy away from expressing it.

You feel like you are missing out somehow in life but don’t know how.

The world seems crazy right now and you need a way to cope.

You get a sense of hopefulness from reading my posts.

You can connect with the truth you sense inside through what I write.

You feel more empowered from being on my page.

You are sick of everyone saying that they have the answer.

You have been to all different group events and they leave you feeling invalidated and exploited.

You get a sense of greater truth but aren’t sure where you learned it.

You are craving to live your purpose.

You know you are a healer but are surrounded by people to diminish you so you aren’t going to embrace it.

You notice everyone and everything without letting on.

You feel that you are here to do something great but don’t know what.

Everyone around you seems to be clueless to greater truths.

You feel the pain of others and it is excruciating.

You are depressed a lot because of the state of affairs of the world.

You love animals and nature more than people.

Your heart has been broken a billion times.

You feel too unworthy to charge for your work.

You give everything away for free.

You know you have a greater depth and want to understand it better.

You crave love and connectedness.

You cant stand to be in group dynamics.

You hate crowds.

You have trouble being vulnerable.

You hate polished performances.

You appreciate sincerity and organic interactions.

You get a inner nudge to attend.

You feel a connection to me or my work.

You wish to communicate with all life better.

You know I am going to be world renowned in the future and want to get to know me while you can.

You know you do healing but don’t know how.

If this resonates, sign up for the retreat today here

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Last Weekend’s Gaia Retreat

Last Weekend’s Gaia Retreat

I am still recovering from the Honoring Gaia retreat from last weekend. It was a success. Each attendee comes with a stubborn set of deal breakers that define who they are. But these deal breakers get in the way of the accepting more Joy, Love, Abundance, Freedom and even wholeness in their life.

I put all of myself into everyone at the retreat. I remove their blind spots in every facet of their life. As we interact, they show up in their verbiage of self derogatory comments, anger in their humor, and unworthiness. I see the people who attend as surrogates for humanity and set out the intention to uplift all through those that attend

Diminishing one’s own Light is a common programming that is easy to overlook Don’t be too hard on yourself. The impulse to attack at the corrections also is huge. People have layers and layers of these blind spots and it is very rewarding for them to get past them. That is what I do for them in a retreat.

That is how to gain one’s own Joy, Love Abundance and Freedom. Because the truth of the matter is, if someone doesn’t have all these things, it is not because they are being punished and are unworthy. It is because they have been conditioned to push them away..

We all have that capacity to Master our worlds and ourselves. There is a reverence in seeing it unfold for others and being a part of it in some way. We are not all one, as we are taught. We are all EVERYONE.

The next retreat is coming up in August. If you are looking around at the world and wishing you could make a difference, this retreat could be the thing to tap you into your own empowerment in a profound way. It will be amazing.

Learn More About Healing The Healer Retreat Here:

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