Making Love as a Goddess

Making Love as a Goddess

We are conditioned to believe that sex is perverse and dirty. That it is a taboo. This is not the case. The perversion of sex was inflicted by a tribalism that did not want its female members to allow the enemy in, by giving birth to their children. The tribe elders felt neighboring tribes impregnating their women was a way to weaken the tribe.

They knew that woman would be obligated to love their children They would be weakened if their daughters were impregnated by the enemy slipping into their village and having relations with them. If this happened enough, the tribe would be weakened by the children that were born from a foreign village.

The way to combat this was to inflict strong taboos on women for having sex with anyone they were not married to. Since the elders could control who the woman married, they could prevent their enemies from infiltrating the tribe as long as they could instill enough fear in the women to not have premarital sex.

This is the whole basis for anyone caring who women have sexual relations with today. This is the core issue that instills so much shame in regards to sex. This is the core reason that Christian society adopted such strong taboos on premarital sex. It was always motivated by the need to control the purity of the off-spring.

We see these engrams (habitual instilled behavior) in the present day with the strong taboos of religions regarding premarital sex. But it was never about reverence to God. It is, and has always been, about keeping the tribe “pure”.

We see these engrams of primal fear in white christian puritanical groups who are afraid that the white race will become obsolete through the intermixing of races. It may not be conscious and it may seem irrational. because since we all have been incarnated in different races, there is no need to fear being overtaken by the yellow, black or Hispanic race. We simply need a higher overview of our lives than just one lifetime.

People need to realize that they simply will incarnate in one of these different races if they must to continue the level of development that their awareness has entitled them to have. In past eras, it was a different race that was the preferred one. The white race is waning in being the preferred culture. Once people can accept this overview of their own possibilities, they can overcome the fear of any one culture being extinguished. They, we, will all go on.

Once this primal fear of having their culture extinguished is addressed, people can take responsibility for their own sexual preferences, and choices. They can return to the uninhibited guiltless state that lovemaking was intended to express. . Lovemaking is intending to be an expressive state of reverence and gratitude to the Universe and means to honor Gaia energy. One can return to being as joyful and playful as the birds and bees in their sexual interactions.

Another way Christian cultures interfered was eliminating the reverence to Gaia was conditioning people to worship a male personification of Source. Love making was a a natural expression of gratitude to the Universe. Conditioning perverted this by teaching woman to pour love into their sexual partner instead of being offered up to Gaia for all her gifts.

Before this conditioning, woman were the stewards of Goddess energy. They would use the empowerment of their expansive state of sexual climax to pour love back into all of Nature. This energy maintained a balance within the world. When woman were taught to pour all their love into their man, it created a perversion and imbalance in the world.

We are now all watching the perversion of power and male traits that is holding humanity hostage. Men have used the love of woman to run this world to the ground. It is time for women to withdraw enabling and empowering male energy and returning their intention to honoring the earth and all her gifts.

If you want to use your energy to assist humanity in balancing out, every time you climax during making love, instead of pouring that energy into your partner, pour it into the oceans, earth, animals of the world and trees. All that love and gratitude you have been pouring into your lover, pour it into the ground; literally.

Many people doing this is the quickest way to balance out the perversions of the world. In this way, you can go from a helpless witness to the desecration of the earth to reverent Goddess of empowerment. If a couple agrees to do this together, they will feel the blessings of Gaia energy balancing out their whole world.

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Love’s Call – Dedicated to You

Love’s Call – Dedicated to You

What must I say to inspire you?
What do you need to feel loved”
How can I convince you of the magnitude of your worth?
What else in words can be said?

I see all the pain that you carry
All the times you had to go it alone
All the memories you hold of being beaten or scorned
I watched as your heart turned to stone

I cheer you for your attempts to melt it
By focusing on a special some one
How can I make you understand that you’ve never been lost
Love bathes you effortlessly as the sun

Your tears were never a cry in the dark
They are a great means of flushing out pain
You are learning each moment the depth of your worth
To meet challenges without a hint of disdain

You now know you are more than an island
Or a stranger living unnoticed where you dwell
You are an infinite ember in a perpetual blaze
Not only Godlike but a God atom or cell

You carry all the attributes of Divinity
You display them well when you are “in love”
The trick is to realize that love comes from within
Not from without or above

Glean that special feeling of being in love
Except learn that it comes from the self
Don’t just wear in when you have a partner
Then put it once again on the shelf

Let love emanate from your very atoms
Let it shine on your skin like fresh dew
Let it whisper in, and kiss your sweat ear
Let it help you realize that It’s you

You hold all the keys to what you pray for
Guard the gate to your own inner realm.
You are the Master of your divinity
You are the captain at the helm

Steer yourself always to more of your true essence
In your workplace, society, and home
Never do you need to search to find love
Never again must you roam.

See Love reflected in nature
From each blade of grass to each tree
Never does it waver from its purpose
Never does it cry out, “Poor Me!”

You are a graceful display of personified Awesomeness
An inspiration to one and to all
You are respected and admired beyond all reproach
Simply by hearing and heeding Love’s call.

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Embodying the Grace of Gaia

Embodying the Grace of Gaia

It is time for everyone to stop giving life to negative outcomes with their commiserating, complaining, agreements, and socially indulging in it. Just convert all that negativity into holding space for a positive inclination. It can be that simple. The more we raise our own vibration, the more we elevate all of humanity.

In that way, you are not powerless or helpless like you may feel. You are empowered beyond compare. So stop victimizing yourself. The more you hold space for your dynamo, the more you allow yourself to expound. You then assist others to reach a potential that would otherwise seem unfathomable.

This is what I do for everyone. I hold space for their most dynamic self. Yes it is healing. Yes it shows up as miraculous. But as more people embrace their dynamo, the easier it is for all others to embrace theirs.

Imagine if you could take a room full of willing people and show them how to embrace their most empowered self? What if everyone could reach the heights of greatness as a Gandhi, a Martin Luther King Jr, or an Oprah? Would you wish to be unhindered and empowered in that way?

That is exactly what the intention is behind all my books and my retreats. May 11th and 12th, is the dates of my next retreat.The process is as simple as stripping off all the limitations and restrictions that people have put on themselves. It is done in a loving and entertaining way.

You may be feeling the call to let go of all the limitations that make you and so many others feel uncomfortable in their skin; and in the world at large. You may even be asking inwardly for help. This retreat could be the answer to your prayers.

Sure there are reasons that the ego will try to stop you from attending. You can afford it but the ego will tell you that you can’t. What would your family and friends think? You made a tentative commitment that weekend that you are willing to go through the motions to keep. You don’t want to let anybody down. So you continue to let yourself down.

It is the ego’s job to keep you playing small and not accessing your potential. So your potential stews inside you like unused energy. It causes you to be disgruntled and unhappy. All you have to do is access your empowerment. Let it be full to expound into Joy, Love, Abundance and freedom. It is that simple. Yet the ego gives you a good argument as to why it is not.

Check out the link. Watch the testimonials. Tune into the event using your inner compass. See if you can see yourself there. Sure group dynamics are difficult. But this is not a group dynamic. It is a bunch of people doing one on one work with me together. Check it out. See if you are ready to be empowered.

Click here to learn more about the retreat, May 11th & 12th

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That Spiritual Connection

That Spiritual Connection

If anyone has been craving that spiritual connection that they knew at one point but have lost, the retreat I am hosting May 11th and 12th will get you there. They are a great means for families to come together in their spiritual empowerment without having to ascribe to any dogma. give their allegiance to any group or commit to any agenda.

They are a means for individuals to tap into that greatness that they know they are inside and manifest it in ways and increments that are comfortable to themselves. The love that is unleashed in the process is incredible. There is self love, love for others and Universal love. Whole families have strengthened and bonded by attending.

Many people still don’t really understand what Gaia energy is. It has been used as a buzzword that people now just feel connected to. An easy way to think of Gaia is the female version of God. Since God does not have anatomy, Gaia is personified in all the qualities that a loving nurturing mother or sister would exhibit. Men have these qualities too. But they have been depicted as a negative sometimes.

Gaia is personified in kindness, compassion, nurturing and caring. There is a strength is helping others; it is not a weakness. Gaia is perceptive and all knowing. Mother’s intuition is Gaia and so is encouraging the weak instead of deeming them inconsequential. With Gaia, all things mater, all beings have significance, all are important and all are loved.

If any of these things are missing from your life, your world or your dynamics with others, you most likely will benefit from attending the retreat. You will get a sense of how kindness, communications, compassion and awareness are not at all weak when they are merged with truth. Watch the layers of heavy burden singe off the energy of your fellow attendees in a very short time. The retreat is life changing.

I will love assisting you in owning your incredible potential.

Register for the Retreat, Click Here!

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The Story

The Story

I am still perplexed when people ask me for assistance and are so vested in the issue they are trying to release. I will help anybody I can if it is not going to detract me from helping others. But the person that is almost impossible to get through to, is the person who is so vested in the story of their issue.

The story of their issue is a very serious thing to them but it comes across as so ironic in trying to help them. Because healing is done by simply extracting the negative energy that has been triggered by a a weakness in the emotions, or thoughts.

This negative energy pools in an aspect of the body that is deemed a storage space, or inconsequential in some way. Any cavity of any kind; the heart cavity, the pelvic bowl or in the fossa of the bones; will do. This energy becomes so laden in the body; like heavy fruit pulling down a branch; that it interferes with the natural functioning of the body.

Two reasons that this energy was allowed to pool in the first place was because the body was given too little consideration or appreciation and the mental or emotional issues were given too much attention or free reign. People have to stop thinking of their body as lifeless matter that doesn’t have consciousness.

Every cell, tissue, organ and function of the body has consciousness. It is alive. It cares about being appreciated. It yearns for love and respect. It needs to feel safe and valued. It also needs simple acknowledgement and encouragement. But people refuse to do this. They give the attention to the intruder. They only acknowledge the body in reference to the dis-ease. They neglect valuing themselves at a cellular level.

They should think of their conscious self as the loving god of their body. Or at least the nurturing parent. But their body gets no attention until it is not functioning. It is then that people are willing to talk about their body to others. They finally give it the attention it deserves. Sort of. They only give it attention as long as there is a life threatening issue. Then they start to think how important the job is; of that body part affected.

There is something that people do; which is more silly than neglecting the very system that provides them the experience of physical life. They create a story around the issue they are trying to be rid of; the dis-ease in the body. They tell the story to as many people who will listen. They embellish and make it sound as intrusive as possible. They give the story truth. They own it.

Why do you think the toys that have a back story, like pound puppies, or cabbage patch kid are so compelling? It is because of their back story. The competition reality shows understand the importance of the story. They share a background story on each contestant. They make is as compelling as possible.

When someone gets engaged or is pregnant, what is the questions that people want to know? Where did you meet? When did you first meet? When did you know this was the one? People get caught up in the story.

People have confused this tendency to share details as something you do with disease. Do you know why people want to know the details when you fall in love and have a baby. They are gleaning some of your happy energy for themselves. They may be happy for your happiness but they are also filling their own happiness cup a bit with your story. That is why they want to know details.

When you give details about your issue, you are offering them a cup of it. You in fact want them to take some of it because on some level, you know the stagnant energy is the cause. The problem is, people generate more negative charged energy with the details of their story than people are able to take away for them. They make the story larger than life.

Some people are so used to experiencing life with their cup out, that they don’t realize the negative dynamic they are endorsing. This is the dance that goes on in the throws of western medicine. The story telling helps dis-ease thrive. If you every do seek medical attention for an issue, you need to tell the story to every one you meet. It is like they are inadvertently helping you solidify the story deeper and deeper into your psyche.

On people’s part, the story is a means to etch the experience into them to make you unique. Instead of people truly being unique by sharing their gifts, they have become so conditioned to conform that the only way they believe they can stand out and be different is through their story. When someone becomes symptomatic, they start to tell their story. They get attention for the story. Important doctors listen to them and take notes. The more dramatic the story, the more attention they get from professionals and loved ones. The story becomes important.

Just like in the singing competition where the audience roots for the people with the saddest story, this perverse conditioning shows up in people competing for attention in life by having the best back story of their dis-ease. Of course the story involves how hard they tried to get rid of it and went to every practitioner and is so ready to release the issue. But the fact is, that they have identified so strongly with the issue that they have not only gave it room in their body to grow, they give it a whole life with a back story.

When someone comes to me for help, I can tell how easily they are willing to release the issue by how much they leave it in the intangible. I can tell by how little or how much they tell me about why that seek my help. I can even tell by how many negatively charged descriptive words they use to explain what is going on.

The person that can be helped easily has no back story on the issue. They do not go into lengths about how it has consumed their life and talk about the mass that has now shown up in their life, as if it was a child left on the doorstep and is there to stay.

The thing is, I cannot explain this to someone with a story. If I try, they become defensive and protective of their issue and reason for seeking me out. They give even more consideration and energy to the story. They vehemently protect it while denying they are not.

That is why the tapping exercises that I write and share are so important. They are a means of assisting people from afar without adding energy to their defense of the story. The taps work by stripping the energy away from an issue instead of adding to its growth. It addresses an issue without adding more attention to it. If anyone is inadvertently seeking attention for an issue, you don’t help them by giving them sympathy.

It is better to try and redirect their attention back in gratitude to that wonderfully beating heart or the relentless efficiency and endurance of the lungs. Gratitude opens up the energy systems of the body; which allows more healing energy from the ether to come in and cleanse the body. Fear closes the channels needed to pour healing energy into the body.

Gratitude itself is so important for healing. “The story” spirals the individual in sympathy and panic. Sympathy is as toxic as anger; perhaps worse because it pulls the energy system down to a low vibration using guile. Sympathy is not compassion. Compassion is using your strength to pull someone up to your vibration. Sympathy is joining them at the lower vibration to keep them company.

The taps that I share are me giving you all the help you need in addressing the stagnant energy you inadvertently let in and now believe you have to “send through college”. The taps strip the issues of the identity you gave it. You then don’t feel you are losing an aspect of yourself when releasing it. The taps empower you to own being special so you don’t need the story of a dis-ease to make you feel special.

Say each statement out-loud three times while continuously tapping on the top of your head,

and say it a fourth time while continuously tapping on your chest.

Want to know what SFT (Spiritual Freedom Technique) Taps Are? Click Here!

“I relinquish the story of dis-ease; in all moments.”

“I release giving the dis-ease an identity; in all moments.”

“I withdraw all my energy from the story of dis-ease; in all moments.”

“I collapse and dissolve the story of dis-ease; in all moments.”

“I dissipate all remnants of the story of dis-ease; in all moments.”

“I am grateful and loving to all aspects of my body; in all moments.”

“I shift my paradigm from the story to gratitude for all aspects of my body; in all moments.”

“My body functions in optimal health; in all moments.”

“I release storing stagnant energy in my body cavities; in all moments.”

“I clean all the closets of my body; in all moments.”

“I am centered and empowered in the gratitude for optimal health; in all moments.”

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