The Difference Between a Healer and Traditional Medicine

The Difference Between a Healer and Traditional Medicine

One listens to the body

Is not intrusive

Does not attack the body or cause pain

Does not feel superior to the individual

Realizes the synergy of a group Intention

Does not override natural pathways

Does not use the word “terminal”

Doesn’t poison the whole system

Does not make the person feel inferior or hopeless

Is based on the natural vibration of the earth and her fruits

Treats the body as an extension of nature

Operates within the laws of nature

Holds the individual accountable with speech, thoughts and actions

Does not hold strong opinions as a by product

Honors the individual parts of the individual

Continues to learn and adapt

Is rewarded in more than monetary increments

Speaks to a profound aspect of the self and the Universe.

Is always looking to improve their skills

Realizes there is always more to learn

Doesn’t compartmentalize the body, an issue or life

Honors the healing ability and capability in all

Honors life in all forms

Is aware of their own limitations

Is not motivated by outer accolades

Understands that all forms of healing have merit

Recognizes healing when it happens

Is grateful and aware

Listens with reverence and respect

Includes the individual in the process

Honors life on even a cellular level

Pursues multifaceted venues to health

Is void of judgement

Accepts all types of healing, even western medicine as valid

The most important difference is that one believes that you should defer your power to them, but a natural healer knows that everyone is a healer and embraces the healer in all. If you want to embrace your own healing potential, capacity, abilities and self worth, join us for the August retreat and realize just how empowered you really are.

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Empowerment Technique

Empowerment Technique

Visualize an infinity symbol of energy with one loop encircling the heart chakra and one loop encircling the head. They depict the symbiotic relationship between the heart and the mind. See them working together and creating a exponential synergy of Love and intention. Visualize the loops even and the energy flowing between them smoothly and effortlessly.

Visualize an infinity symbol between the brain and the solar plexus and one between the solar plexus. Create a triangle of energy working between these three areas. Feel the Synergy between the Love, Intention, the Love and the infinite source of potential.

Use this as a seed to begin contemplation and allow the visual to catapult you into the working dynamics of the energetic dynamics of the body.

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The Spiritual Law of Unity

The Spiritual Law of Unity

The Spiritual Law of Unity simply states that when individual components are combined, the combination becomes much greater than the sum of all it’s parts. What this means is that a group combined is much greater than all the parts added. It is pivotal to recognize the ramifications of this spiritual law in uplifting all of humanity.

An example of this is a cake recipe. An egg is an egg and a cup of flour is a cup of flour. But when you put the right combination of egg and flour and sugar together, you create something that that is incredibly different than the parts. The cake you create is a exponential manifestation. We have seen this spiritual law work in certain grass root movements.

As individuals, we may feel like inconsequential in making a difference in the world. Even if we know that what we value is an upgrade to humanity and it will benefit all to abide by a higher code of ethics and loving interaction. Alone we are isolated. But when many come together with a similar loving intention, we create a in-swelling of such incredible divinity, that all are uplifted and empowered by it’s magnitude. We don’t even have to know of the dynamics of the group. It is enough to know that there is a loving undercurrent of interpersonal joy, love abundance and integrity flowing, and we; by what we hold as our truth; are a part of it.

So many have lost a sense of true empowerment. So they indulge in power plays. Power is not empowerment. It is not gracious and as satisfying as knowing one’s own capabilities and the realization that no one can knock one of his perch. The true joy is realizing the expansion of our own depth and inviting everyone else to relinquish the chains of human conditioning; and to know it too.

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Taps:  Closing All Portals To Power

Taps: Closing All Portals To Power

Have you ever driven into an area and it just felt good driving through it? It had good energy. This is a real thing. Before a business decides where to build, much research is done on the area to see if it is going to feel good for consumers to come there. Will they spend more or do more business there because the energy makes them feel good?

That is using the natural energy of the land as a means to profit. The goodness is, in a way, being used for power. This is what has happened with a lot of the established structures in our society. They have been built on “energy portals”. This energy then is fed into whatever agenda that the building propagates.

Here are a couple SFT (Spiritual Freedom Taps) that will assist in closing all of the portals that are used for power. What that will do is return the energy that has been collected to propagate the raping of humanity and the earth; and return it back to them. This includes in people. People have been used for portals of power for too long. It is time for everyone to return to being portals of Love. Because that is when we are at our best. This is the dichotomy that we are seeing played out in the world; those who are being used as a portal for power and those being a natural portal of love.

People wonder what I do that is so different than others. If I have a presence in the world and do events, why is that any different than anyone else who has something to share. The difference is, that I am doing everything I do as a portal for love. What this means is that the energy that is a by-product of the healing and inspirational work I do is not used to be a driving force for a brand or an agenda. All the energy that emits from the work I do, is poured back into the earth to perpetuate love. This is so that love can prevail again on the planet.

Jenuine Healing will naturally evolve into every being understanding the principles to be a genuine healer. Genuine healing will be reinstated into the fiber of our existence. It is done through closing up all portals of power and reinstating all portals of love. That means empowering each individual with their omniscient essence instead of having them misguidedly give over their goodness for others to abuse in some form or another.

(Say each statement 3 times while tapping on your head and say it a 4th time

while tapping on your chest)

“We close all portals being used for power; in all moments.”

“We close all portals that feed an agenda; in all moments.”

“We drain the swamp of power; in all moments.”

“We dry up all agendas; in all moments.”

“We return all the energy that was used for power back into the earth; in all moments.”

“We regenerate nature; in all moments.”

“We reinforce all portals of love; in all moments.”

“We open all portals to love; in all moments.”

“We spontaneously and perpetually convert all portals of power into portals of love; in all moments”

Here is something noteworthy: All the great legislative buildings that are now being used to erode civil liberties have been built on portals. These taps are returning all the energy that the legislative branches have been using to abuse power, back into empowering the individuals and the world. Also, every tree, every bird, animal and blade of grass; is a portal of love. In doing these taps, you are giving them back their empowerment.

Doing these simple taps will do more to bring an end to the power plays in the world than anything else. Enjoy feeling your empowerment again.

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Taps:  Unity and Universal Empowerment

Taps: Unity and Universal Empowerment

(Say each Statement 3 times while tapping on your head

and say it a 4th time while tapping on your chest)

“All blocks on certain demographics are eliminated; in all moments.”
“All religious rivalries are dismantled; in all moments.”
“All political rivalries are dismantled; in all moments.”
“All cock blocking is released; in all moments.”
“All illusion is stripped off the ugly; in all moments.”
“All portals of manipulation are collapsed and dissolved; in all moments.”
“All systemic poisons are rendered inoperable; in all moments.”
“All shunts to poisons are removed; in all moments.”
“All walls are crumbled; in all moments”
“Purity is returned as the mainstay; in all moments.”
“The world is transmuted through the alchemy of enlightenment; in all moments.
“All Souls are blessed with the alchemy of enlightenment; in all moments.”
“All poisons are extracted from the Universal sound frequency and light emanation; in all moments.”
“The alchemy of enlightenment is infused in the Universal sound frequency and light emanation; in all moments.”
“All Souls resonate, emanate, and are interconnected with all life in the Universal alchemy of enlightenment; in all moments.”

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