The Persona of Plants

Just because they don’t scream or laugh in a way that our physical ears can hear doesn’t mean that plants don’t have consciousness. It is man in his arrogance that validates all other beings by his limited perception of them. There is a symbiotic relationship between beta fish and bamboo. My bamboo was dying. It was a gift from someone who wanted to get rid of it. It was accepted halfheartedly. It was a few bamboo stalks tied together in a crisscross pattern. It just existed in this pattern for many months. One day I gave it some attention and snapped off all the wires that were holding it in place. I imagined each stalk as a person that was being unshackled from another person. It made the process of freeing them more poignant. I cleaned out it’s rotted roots and I placed it in a bowl of water and felt the freedom and relief in the group of them. But still they continued to wilt. I got the nudge to add a beta fish to their bowl. I bought a bright red beta who seemed very pleased with his new home. In my research of beta, it said that […]

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