Star Planet

I recently facilitated a session with a new client who is a life coach; helping many people in her own way. In the first session, some of the releases that came through were the more advanced ones I do with regular clients. She was very responsive and felt that it was right to do one more session. In her second session, her ingrained detachment and lack of emotional investment in this life came through more clearly. She always felt like she was from another planet. She obviously resented being here to assist a barbarian race of people. We even did one EFT tap that stated: I release the belief that humans are barbaric swine; in all lifetimes. Deeper into the session, we both got a sense of a physical body that she was more comfortable in. I felt the energy at the base of her spine and sensed what it was like to have a tail. The intellect that came through explained how much better it was to have a tail because along with the legs, it created a sort of energetic pyramid that brought greater balance and grounding. I also felt the energy below her shoulder blades start to […]

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The Persona of Plants

Just because they don’t scream or laugh in a way that our physical ears can hear doesn’t mean that plants don’t have consciousness. It is man in his arrogance that validates all other beings by his limited perception of them. There is a symbiotic relationship between beta fish and bamboo. My bamboo was dying. It was a gift from someone who wanted to get rid of it. It was accepted halfheartedly. It was a few bamboo stalks tied together in a crisscross pattern. It just existed in this pattern for many months. One day I gave it some attention and snapped off all the wires that were holding it in place. I imagined each stalk as a person that was being unshackled from another person. It made the process of freeing them more poignant. I cleaned out it’s rotted roots and I placed it in a bowl of water and felt the freedom and relief in the group of them. But still they continued to wilt. I got the nudge to add a beta fish to their bowl. I bought a bright red beta who seemed very pleased with his new home. In my research of beta, it said that […]

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The Spiritual Aspect of Football

On the surface the game of football may seem silly to a lot of people. Watching grown men get so involved in a mere sport that consumes them seems like a waste of energy. But the game and the subculture that it creates serves a very necessary purpose in society. People have been at war with their neighbors all through history. The conquering of cities and the resolve to fight to the death are all aspects of a primal experience. It is so ingrained that it is written in the DNA of many. The battles that were fought, won and lost in past lives play out many times in our Akashic records. It’s no great surprise that a lot of old souls have tired of the interplay of war and wish nothing to do with it. These same souls may find football silly. But what about the millions that aren’t saturated with past memories of war battles? What happens to all those souls who died in battle yet want to live another day to fight another fight. How do they satiate in peace time their primal urge to conquer? How do they resolve this unsatiated cycle? They do it in […]

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Tecnique for Changing Your DNA

Everything we are is made up of our genetic code. Until recently, it was believed that DNA was unchangeable.  But it has been proven that DNA can be changed.  Taking that awareness to empowerment stage means there is an ability to eliminate a disease in your family tree. I totally believe that changing your own DNA is a powerful tool for self healing and empowerment. How did genetic diseases begin in the make up of our ancestry? Each disease started as an emotional issue that was so ingrained that it got passed down as a genetic component.  Our ancestors started out as genetic clean slates but through fear and conditioning we altered our human make up. Here is a technique to change your genetic code.  Think of yourself as a tube of energy with a lot of little squares in a unique pattern all over it. They are like tiny windows. Imagine your parents and grand parents as similar tubes of energy with different pattern squares on them. Choose the parent that you feel has the most qualities that you like. Think about each quality that they have. Visualize the tube of energy that they are, being superimposed into the tube of […]

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