Tuning Fork

Tuning Fork

I facilitated a session this morning with a dynamic healer. Our sessions always are a means to bring much healing and awareness to the world. Because we both understand that the reason we are able to heal is because we care about uplifting all those that we possibly can. It is not about ourselves at all.

In fact, anyone who takes attention off of their individual person (microcosm) and focuses their energy out onto those that they assist, or all of humanity (the macrocosm) is demonstrating healing capabilities. It doesn’t matter if they uplift others with their teaching, healing, leading or creative skills. Expansion of consciousness happens when one expands beyond the microcosm to care about the macrocosm.

This is where the false concept of humility comes from. It is not about thinking you are unworthy. It is knowing how capable you are to affect all of humanity. But realizing it is an innate quality in everyone that merely takes understanding of their true nature. The old fashioned concept of humility is getting old. It is tiresome and ineffective in assisting humanity to an upgrade in evolution. The real definition of humility is using your empowerment to benefit all life with not so much focus on your individual self.

My sessions with dynamic healers are always so beneficial because there is a synergy in working with someone in expanded consciousness. We created the intention of uplifting all life to a greater understanding through our connection. When two souls who devote their life to something, work together, it creates a expansion that is unsurpassed by anything that is now known on earth. Just like when sole musicians come together to jam something exponential and seemingly magical happens. It is the Spiritual Law of Unity that creates an exponential expansion when pure intentions are joined.

In the session, we had expanded ourselves beyond the concept of the body. We were seeing the joining of our energy fields even though we are in different parts of the world. We brought everyone on earth into the awareness that we were experiencing. Much of the truth we were given is too difficult to articulate in words. So we gift it to others through osmosis. They will just know what once they did not. All souls were gifted through our intention.

We realized then, that what we were experiencing was the awareness of the Guides that we turn to for guidance. We were no longer individuals begging for truth from afar. We were equal energies with the Guides. We were symbiotic with them. We were shown that the way to connect to them and truth was to expand our sense of self to assist all of life.

Everything we were taught about begging for a crumb of truth was now obsolete. All the books that people read to get a crumb of truth (except mine) were a means of fixing the humans in a limited state. The books limited their capabilities to expand their self to feel themselves present in all the world, all of space and all of the worlds. In fact, we were not just uplifting humans but all life on all planets. We both got a sense of that.

She was telling me how important tuning forks were in her healing work. What the tuning forks were doing was pulling the individual out of their coordinates of time and space so that the mangled energy system that was a by product of believing they were linear beings, could unwind and fix itself.

The Guides showed me the individual as the center of a bicycle wheel. The energy emanates out like the spokes on the wheel. Except the spokes emanate in all directions; like the rays of the sun. Then they showed me a mangled bike wheel. They showed me this is what naturally happens in the energy system of a person who believes they are linear beings. Since linear existence is a universal belief, it showed me how all humans are like mangled wheels and this is why disease is so prevalent.

Pure energy can not flow and flush out impurities if it is tangled. What I do with my work is remove the person from their coordinates in time and space and allow the energy of the person to unwind itself and untangle. Believing we are only here for one life is a huge way to stop the flow of energy in the system. When I use the phrase, “in all moments” in my taps, the person doing them has suspended their coordinates in time and space to untangle all of their energy in doing the taps.

What I do with my taps and my abilities to simply pull someone up to expanded awareness, this dynamic healer does with tuning forks. The two truths that came from that exchange was that deferring to anyone else as a mentor or more dynamic healer than yourself is limiting yourself to an old state of consciousness where there is a pecking order that must be adhered to. The other truth that came out of that exchange is that every word in itself is a tuning fork. You decide where you attune others with the caliber of speech that you use.

The awareness of expanded consciousness is afforded to everyone who reads this with an open, mind, heart and a receptivity. Get off your knees in adornment of others, and embrace the consciousness of the Gods, you walk among them in energy. If only you agree to. In this way, you are a living, breathing tuning fork.

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The Defense

I met life in a beaded gown
with edges that were frayed
It was my only armor
From power and it’s play

The garb was awkwardly comfortable
As I wore it just like skin
It was so familiar I didn’t know
Where it ended and I begin

As I was met with cruelty
I added beads and knots
It sheltered me from the pain
Hid the real me that I forgot

Then someone smiled sweetly
And wiped my brow of need
In that act of kindness
My dress dropped a single bead

This loosened up the fibers
Seams started splitting all apart
Then a miracle happened
The worn threads exposed my heart

I then received more kindness
The whole dress became unbound
lost were all defenses
All the beads dropped to the ground

When I watched them tumble
And was stripped of my attire
I realized hate, fear and dread
Are never more required

I stand here bare to the soul
With no other false enhancement
May others too drop their garbs
For the sake of Humanity’s advancement

Now I wear a beadless gown
With no hint of wear or fray
Soul is woven in pure light and sound
Love shines through to all this way.

Jen Ward 8/13/15


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Mind Blowing Love

Mind Blowing Love

Yesterday’s group call was so amazing!  I closed my eyes, really tuned into everyone’s voices and energy and I felt as though I was transported back to the room we were in at Woodcliff, with all those beautiful souls I have known through many, many life times.  Thank you Jen for bringing us together in May, and for the refresher yesterday.
Some things Jen said during the call stuck with me, and I could not get them out of my head.  I have never really parented with boundaries.  I don’t strictly enforce times such as wake up time, when we eat, or when bed time is, etc. This isn’t necessarily the best approach, I know.
What I realize now that I am working with Jen is, I have fought making official times for all those things because deep down I knew that when we force our kids to be too linear – get up at a certain time, eat every day at a certain time, go to bed at a certain time, etc. – it prevents them from exploring their exponentiality.  When we rush them from this thing to that – just like Jen was talking about when we book appointments back to back, it’s making them conform to linear existence.  Some people think kids thrive on structure.  It doesn’t appeal to me, and that’s probably because I am not linear.  We can have a tendency to rush our kids through life.  In being so regimented, we too as parents can miss the beautiful experiences that could happen if we were not so fixated on linear existence.
This refresher session was also a big break through to me in terms of many of my relationships that I have struggled with.
I can fully accept that others are not exponential…it’s nice to finally have words to describe what makes you different.  However, to others, if sometimes feels you are not linear, you are wrong.  I have spent too much time in my life being told I am wrong.  I exert way too much effort trying to deal energetically with anger and tension from people who think they are always right and their way of doing things or seeing things is right.  Working with Jen is helping me to free myself from the need for validation from others, because I realize I am not going to get it from people operating in a linear reality.  The denial of validation from them is not malicious, we are just operating differently in energy.
It is mind-blowing and so freeing to experience the love I do working with Jen, and it is even more powerful and life changing to continue to feel the love and the deep sense of connection that I did in May at the retreat Jen facilitated.  To think we will all come together again, be interconnected with other souls and keep repairing and restoring one another and humanity!  Jen, your work is amazing and life changing!
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True Awareness

True Awareness

There has always been something very disturbing to me about honoring cancer survivors. I recently figured out what it is.

Have you ever seen the show Hogan’s Heroes? It is a lighthearted show set in Nazi Germany. It depicts Americans and their allies whose assignment is to sabotage the war efforts of the enemy while stationed in a POW camp. The show is pure genius because it takes such a heavy subject material and makes it lighthearted. It even makes the antagonist guards, Colonial Klink and Sargent Schultz endearing somehow. They are bumbling idiots and the POWs are always pulling something over on them.

The way that they do it is by shamelessly stroking their egos and manipulating them using the power of persuasion. They pull as many characters as they can into the plot line to make it convincing. There were episodes where they gave awards and parades just so they can manipulate them further.

This is what is being done to people. Cancer is a ruthless violation to the sanctity of life. It is created by a toxic environment in which the body can not function normally. We know this correlation. It has always been known. But the powers that are vested in pollution and corruption don’t want to clean up the environment. Instead, they play the part of the cunning Colonel Hogan and use guile to manipulate the masses. They convince everyone that the perpetrator is an unknown assailant when in fact, it is our own greed.

Society is Colonial Klink in the analogy. It’s treated like bumbling idiots. Those who suffer as the casualties of cancer, whose bodies can’t withstand the toxins, are given a parade or award for their attempts to fight the good fight. The casualties are stroked shamelessly for fighting a good battle. The battle was in enduring. It is every being’s primal urge to endure. We are all being duped into stroking the ego of those who have already suffered so much. If it was a sitcom, society is the extras in the episode of Big Corporations vs. the little people

The issue is not in honoring people who have endured a horrific treatment. The travesty is in the ruse; we don’t realize that the toxins could be cleaned up if it was a priority. But it would be an initial cost to big business. Instead of putting efforts into cleaning up society, we distract the people with pink ribbons, parades and TV shows romanticizing treatment.

The victims are being stroked shamelessly to rob them of their indignation. Every person who gets cancer should be outraged that society is doing so little to clean up the toxins. So society strokes them and appeals to their ego to distract them from their indignation. It is also to distract them from pointing a finger at big business. And that is why you will not see me wearing a pink ribbon. I respect the survivors too much.

There are others who may feel the same way. Some of us respect the victims plight too much to placate them with a pink ribbon. It is offensive to me that they are patronized. Ribbons are for pony shows and little girls hair. Pink is to welcome the joy of a newborn baby girl into the world. It is offensive that pink now associated with a horrific disease. Newborn baby girls and disease are honored with the same color. On some level, this seems an intentional correlation. Pink is no longer a color of innocence.

It doesn’t matter what I say here. Too many celebrities have been duped into getting on the pink ribbon bandwagon. The media loves the spin. They get to sensationalize AND appeal to the human interest side with each survivor. The skills and talents of natural healers, remedies and practices are treated like dirty little secrets or the enemy. I can scream truth here and no one will listen because I am the natural healer. I Am the antagonist. The irony would be priceless if it was not so tragic.

The fact that there are simple solutions that don’t involve cutting away body parts or poisoning the whole body to kill the intruder seems too simplistic. To even utter such nonsense is to offend everyone who has already fought a good battle. The most I can hope for is that society will not be too offended when I don’t wear a pink ribbon or get all involved in the cancer awareness movement.

The cancer awareness movement is an analogy for cancer in the body. The more awareness it has, the more presence it has. It is like duplicating cancer cells in the macrocosm. It is not rocket science It is simple awareness. If society really was cancer aware, they would stop introducing it into every venue of society and starve it out or eradicate it with noncompliance. That is the awareness I would like to see.

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ABC’s of Spirituality

ABC’s of Spirituality

A- Awareness-Seeing the interaction and connections in life in very subtle degrees

B-Boldness -being fearless in expounding on truth realizing that love dissipates all fear

C– Creativity We create the higher worlds with our imagination. We create worlds with our minds. Life is a never-ending story

D– Discernment Honing one’s ability to separate truth from opinion, rhetoric or conditioning

E– Energy – everyone and everything is energy. Its called love

F-Freedom -realizing that time, space, linear existence and caring what people think are all self inflicted shackles

G-Greatness – Know yourself as an omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent being and seeing everyone else that way as well

H– Humility – true humility is acknowledging your own greatness but also see greatness in every atom of life

I-Intuition – perceiving the love, interaction, inner communications and other subtle connections so much so it hones more subtle senses than the five senses

J-Jubilee -Being so happy to break through so much of the illusion that the Love leaves you giddy

K-Kindness- Having compassion for the plight of all beings so much so that you are very gentle with them

L-Love – it is the atom of all life. Realizing and staying aware that we are all just conglomerated love beings

M-Mindfulness – Paying attention to the big picture of our greatness while maintaining a presence in the illusion of this world

N-Nuance – Following the subtle nudges of life to Guide you into a greater flow of love

O-Openness -Owning your own spirituality and not trying to play it small to blend in a crowd

P– Personality  Using the gifts you  are giving to assist all other souls in awakening to their greatness

Q- Quest- Every day is an adventure of self discover.

R– Rejoice- Realizing that you are a starburst eager to expound

S-Song  Music is not only our native tongue. It is our breath and skin as well

T-Trees -Trees are ancient Guides here to guide us. It is up to us to listen to them and to honor them.

U– Unabashed  Be demonstrative in our awakened state so that others will not shy away from their own

V-Vigor Love charges our very atoms. There is no degeneration when one is not enslaved to the linear illusion

W-Wisdom Truth Guides our stay in the linear illusion so that others who are trapped there can expound

X– eXcitement -Using your energy to excite the atoms of all beings who have become to complacent to excite their own

Z-Zest -Being so grateful of your awareness that it fuels all the happiness centers in your beingness

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