Symbiotic Relationship

Very recently I facilitated a session at the request of a beautiful, successful client to help her dear friend whose life was in turmoil. She is recovering from surgery, homeless, and just went through a bad break-up. 

I arrived at the woman’s home and she was really attentive to her friend and a bit over protective. I asked the beautiful woman to sit next to her down trodden friend and assist her in doing the EFT taps. It was interesting seeing them sit next to each other. They were polar opposites; one had everything and the other had nothing.

It was obvious that the successful woman was feeling the heaviness of the work we were doing. I was concerned that she would be affected by the session. So I turned to her.

I had her release the guilt of surviving when her friend was destroyed  She broke down and could not speak. It came to light that they had a symbiotic relationship. They were twins in one life where the one sacrificed everything for the other to survive. In another life the woman was the mother and threw her child ( the client) away. There was also a  life where they took a blood oath together. All these dynamics needed to be released.

Their core belief was that the one was more important than the other.This played out lifetime after lifetime. As I had them BOTH do the EFT taps to change the dynamic, there was a change in both of them. The burden was lifted from both of them and they both looked joyful and abundant. They were no longer polar opposites but both centered in Joy, Love, Abundance and Freedom.

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