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Enlightenment Unveiled

This book contains case studies to help you peel away the layers to your own empowerment using the SFT tapping technique.

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Children of the Universe

Passionate prose to lead the reader lovingly into expanded consciousness.

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Letters of Accord

Assigning Words to Unspoken Truth

Truths that the Ancient Ones want you to know to redirect your life and humanity back into empowerment.

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Emerging from the Mist

Awakening the Balance of Female Empowerment in the World
This book is a tool for the individual to realize their empowerment. It is for them to accept the mantel of mastership without the increment steps of waiting in time, giving their power away in proxy to a group or diminishing their worth through sitting at the feet of another.

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The Affinity for All Life

Valuing Your Relationship with All Species

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Grow Where You Are Planted

Quotes for an Enlightened “Jeneration”

Inspirational quotesthat are seeds to shift your consciousness into greater awareness.

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Perpetual Calendar

Daily Exercises to Maintain Balance and Harmony in Your Health, Relationships and the Entire World

369 days of powerful taps to use as a daily grounding practice for those who find meditation difficult.

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The Do What You Love Diet

Finally, Finally, Finally Feel Good in Your Own Skin

Revolutionary approach to regaining fitness by tackling primal imbalances in relationship to food.

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The Wisdom of the Trees

Ask a tree any question. It will answer while asking nothing in return. Trees are living examples of unconditional love.

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Chronicles of Truth

This book is intended to validate the readers by sharing truths with them to the depth they will not read in any other modern pages.

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Private and Group Sessions with Jen

Weekly Group Sessions

Saturday at 2 pm ET I offer a weekly remote group session for female empowerment. The sessions last at least an hour and are a powerful means to awaken female energy in all of the worlds. What we do here is no small feat. Those who participate feel that the work in the group is one of the main reasons they incarnated at this time. I am so excited to assist in awakening the world to peace. Transcendence is inevitable.

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Private Sessions for People

I work over the phone with clients to remove blockages, remember past lives, communicate with pets, and more! I pack my sessions with healing techniques, affirmations, explanations, and illuminations. I work hard to make sure that my clients come away from every call with their lives changed for the better.

After checking out with PayPal, I will contact you via the email address that you used to pay. The two of us will work out the details of when the call will take place. You can choose any time of day or night.

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One Time Sound Healing Group Session

Gentle sound healing with Jen Ward over the phone! Now is your chance to experience Jen for yourself! New energies are welcome! So share away! Spread the wealth. It’s going to be GREAT. If you have never done this you should know that not only will YOUR own life get uplifted and gain TREMENDOUS Benefit, but it is done expansively, so everyone in your life and all of humanity benefits.  Dates change. Keep up with Jenuine Healing on Facebook to learn about the next date. 

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Energetic Animal Intensive Care™

This is for you and your pet if:

  • Your pet has “gone missing.”
  • Your pet is ill. 
  • Your pet has recently been traumatized and is listless or depressed.
  • “Something isn’t right” with your pet and you and your vet have no idea what to do

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