Speech Empowerment


Our words and thoughts determine our experiences

When was the last time you received a compliment and just accepted it graciously? We are taught to diminish ourselves. Even in our self-talk. We are afraid to be perceived as egotistical. But this is just a façade for a deeper fear.

Historically, if someone was pointed out in the crowd, it could mean certain death. One such scenario is the Salem Witch Trials. Anyone could be accused and pulled away from their family and persecuted. This happened in most eras before democracy. Memories of persecution along with many other traumas are stored in our DNA. As much as we may want to be acknowledged, the fear from past eras may be too ingrained to allow it.

The reality is that it’s not life and death to be pointed out in the crowd in present times; at least not in America. In one sense it is a good spiritual practice to empower yourself with self approval. If things get out of balance, the Universe will bring a blow to the ego to correct it, but it won’t be life and death. Also False Humility is a throwback from past lives in sects of worship. To feign humility is unnecessary and smacks of insincerity.

The reason to embrace your greatness is that your mind is on duty 24/7 to manifest what it is told to. You are programming your mind all the time by what you say. If someone says that you are awesome and you diminish yourself, then the mind knows NOT to manifest awesome. It has been programmed for mundane. The mind is a computer so it needs clear instructions. You need to tell it positive things about you all the time. When you do this you will notice a difference.

Here are some techniques to empower you:

•    Stop making jokes at your expense. Your mind does not register humor and will make you a joke to others.
•    Take the word “sorry” out of your vocabulary. When you are sorry all the time, you are apologizing for your Being-ness. You may be carrying a deep guilt from a past time. It is better to release the guilt and forgo apologizing to the world.
•    Say only positive statements about yourself and others. Words are magnets. They will attract like experiences to you. Say positive things to have positive experiences.
•    Accept compliments. It is a great way to use another’s energy to bring more positive experiences your way. Take it in! If you are afraid of sounding egotistical, you can accept a compliment in an exaggerated way without telling yourself you are a joke. For example if someone tells you that you are beautiful, just accepts it by saying, “Yep I am so gorgeous!” It is very affective and can be life changing.
•    Empower yourself with your speech. Instead of saying “if”, always say “when”. It is a powerful shift to say, “When I am the CEO” instead of “If I am ever the CEO.” By saying “when” instead of “if”, you program your mind to work definitively.
•    Keep your self in the moment by taking hope out of the equation. When you hope for something, it puts you in a passive state and holds the desired goal away from you. The same is true of the word faith. It is better to absolutely know than to hope or have faith.

Watch how often you sabotage your potential with negative talk. Once you start paying attention it will make much more sense why you haven’t been more affective. You will now be your greatest advocate instead of your worst enemy.