Soul’s Perspective

I heard a teenager talking to his mother and asking her why it seemed sometimes he was looking down on people’s heads as if he was above them.  It made me remember when I started to recognize that perspective in myself. I wanted to address that question for any who may have experienced a similar thing.

The soul perspective of a person is not necessarily locked in the body. It is more normal for the soul awareness to be a few inches above the body and a little bit behind it. It is the vantage point where it can be more aware of information coming at it and process it more readily. This is why some people are very creative; they are able to collect insights from outside of the box of the physical form.

It isn’t until we are older and put so much attention on opinions, problems and health that we trap ourselves into staying locked in the physical body. The remedy is to daydream and to do visualization techniques to keep ourselves and our minds free and fluid. Also, doing things we love keeps our perspective more fluid.

A baby’s soft spot correlates with the crown chakra and stays open until about the age of seven. Until that age children are very imaginative and travel freely in and out of the body. When the soft spot fuses shut, children become more worldly. It is important to encourage children to explore and use their imagination. This will keep them free to access a higher level of energy. It is, in a sense, a spiritual muscle that needs to be exercised.

As with anything else, there are extremes. We have all seen ditsy, not plugged in, ungrounded people. These are all ways of describing people who may not stay in their body and have a disconnect happening. As with anything else, there needs to be a balance. If people want to be taken seriously, they need to find techniques to ground themselves. They may also want to investigate the emotional reasons for not connecting better in their physical form. It may be a subtle form of denial.

In my healing practice, I work both with individuals that seem locked in their body and those who are ungrounded. I help both to achieve a balance between the states. Whatever your perspective, it is important to recognize the gift of your personal lessons. Your life is a physical classroom to help you recognize the vastness of who you are as an eternal being.

We are all a combination of Physical Embodiment and Spiritual Maverick to some extent. There is much freedom in discovering both ends of the spectrum. Maybe the one you resist more is the one that will help bring you into harmony with life.