Soul Travel Experience

I had a Soul Travel experience one night not long ago. Soul Travel is when your higher self goes on an excursion while out of the body while remaining totally conscious. It is as conscious as if you were going to the store.

That night I was in Russia. I was given a police escort (spirit guides) and a baby to stroll around with so that I was more approachable. I was sent into the buildings where the people lived and interacted with them. At first they were very closed off to me and it was really uncomfortable. But as I went along, I got used to the feeling there and started to really enjoy the people.

There were some dangerous neighborhoods that I was on the fringe of and my spirit guides were going to need back-up with me. They were always watching me to make certain I was safe but gave me the sense that I was alone and had privacy.

I knew that I was on a spiritual mission. I thought to myself, I will have to tell Jayc Ryder about this experience when I wake up. Jayc is my friend who also does very spiritual work and uplifts consciousness in the way he serves. He is a dynamic individual who walks the talk. He lives in Kiev; which is a part of what I remember as Russia. He has a psychic television show.

When I came back to the physical body (awoke), the first thing I thought of was telling Jayc about my experience. As I went on-line, I saw an invitation from him to an online event. He had thought to invite me and my soul went to Kiev immediately to honor his invitation.

Jayc is doing amazing work in uplifting the consciousness of the world to what is possible. It must be valuable and important work or else I wouldn’t have been sent to support him. The work he is doing to uplift consciousness is vital to the well-being of humanity. It takes a special skill set to be strong enough to be in the role of a facilitator, and still be an effective healer. I support him in the way he serves. I got a nudge to invite everyone to check him out and see if you can support him too.

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