Sniffing to Relax

A client had me do a remote session with her dog. He was a sweet little guy but he was very stressed; very edgy. They didn’t understand why. They adored him. They doted on him constantly and were very attentive. Too attentive.

In the session I picked up that he LOVED his food. He was starved in a past life and brought much trauma through to this life. But he was not able to relax. He had this issue of trying to eat non edible items. Because of that, every time he would sniff something, his parents freaked and pulled him away from it.

Smelling things is the way a dog alleviates stress. It is similar to us turning on the TV to unwind or playing a video game to relax. Actually, it is more important than that. Not letting your dog sniff is like waking someone up as soon as they drop off to sleep. It can cause insanity.

When I was hitting the point home to the woman, her little dog was staring her down as if to say, “Do you understand now what you have done to me”? Point taken. The dog got to relax and unwind after our session.

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