Skimming of the Fat

A technique for those who lament their life and dwell on problems:

You know how when you have a huge pot of sauce simmering and the fat separates to the top and you skim it off with a spoon? You can even use a turkey-baster.

Some people have a hard time turning off their thoughts and engaging in life. When it is hard to sleep or relax because of the agitation, imagine your whole life as a simmering pot of soup. The things that are unresolved and are agitation, are the fat that separates and collects at the top. Visualize taking a big spoon or a turkey-baster and skimming all those problems off your life. Do a real thorough job. This fat is hard to digest so you want to get it all. Collect it all in a thick paper cup.

What do you do with them then? You can’t put them down the drain. That will clog up the pipes. Visualize them solidifying very quickly and then toss them into a fire and watch them burn. They are dissolved.

Go back to the pot of soup and stir it lovingly. Take a huge container of an ingredient labeled love and pour it into the soup. Stir it in thoroughly and taste how wonderful the soup tastes. Sense how much better you feel. Any time you start to think of problems or get agitated, just skim more fat off the soup and add more love.

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