Sinus Issues

I facilitated a session once with someone who had severe sinus issues. During their session, we discovered part of the reason for the sinus trouble. I was given the image of them getting blind sided in a past life with a huge club. Their skull had been crushed. I had them do this EFT tap:

I release the trauma of having my skull bashed in; in all lifetimes.

The information that accompanied the memory was that the sinus cavities being full was a protection for the body. When the sinus cavities were hollow, the head was feeling more vulnerable to being cracked open in this life. The only way the body could feel more safe from this past trauma was to fill up those cavities with fluid.

It is often this way with our issues. We curse or complain about our body when the thing it is doing is a form of compensating for past trauma. It is defending itself. We show our ignorance and lack of loyalty to ourselves when we show little appreciation or respect for its service to us.

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