Short Sighted Wealth

I facilitated a session recently with a woman who loved shoes. I made a light comment about wearing pumps is the modern equivalent to having one’s feet bound. But in her situation, it wasn’t too far off.

In this life, she loved pretty things. She wanted to be spoiled and pampered by a rich man who would take care of her. In her past, I saw layers and layers of lifetimes when she was a concubine or a slave to a rich house, where the greatest prize was the attention of the master of the house.

To validate this, I questioned her about her relationships in this life. Were you the one giving the most in every situation? Were the men dominant and you got your satisfaction more from what you gave to him rather than what you received? Were these men emotionally unavailable? She answered yes to every question.

It was a bit difficult to find the right way to release these issues with her because from her vantage point, she didn’t feel or think she was unworthy. She was just habitually attracting men that reminded her of the dynamics of being owned. That is what she knew of relationships. Also, when it came to abundance, she expected abundance to come through a rich man. She couldn’t fathom it any other way; since that is the only way she ever experienced it.

In the overview of all her lives, she was looking for love; as we all are. Her love and validation came through; in many lifetimes; from the attention she received from being enslaved to a rich man. That is why she desired rich things in this lifetimes. It was the closest thing to true love and value that she had experienced. It was her highest pinnacle of love. What she didn’t realize was that the material things were preventing her from seeing the richness of love that was all around her. By focusing on material wealth and comfort, she was wearing blinders to abundance and her own value.

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