Sharing Your Gifts

Recently I had a remote session with someone who has been amazing at accepting and honoring the work we do together in private sessions. She perpetuates the “Love” by being an awesome Life Coach. She organized an empowering retreat for the women that she assists, but she was concerned that they would not come. So she offered a discount.

There was no reason to offer a discount. By offering a discount, she was playing into the “game” that people habitually play into of wanting to get something for nothing. This is an illusion. It is spiritual law that everyone pays for everything that they receive. The Universe is in complete alignment although it seems messy to the those who do not understand spiritual Law.

By offering a discount, she is coming out of her agreement with spirit because she had the prompting to offer the retreat in the first place. She was also putting a lesser value on her work which was telling the Universe and her clients that she was not worthy. She was also NOT showing the women how to value their own essence by showing them how to undervalue themselves. From the beginning, she had come out of her center to appease the part of them that she was trying to help them overcome. Her actions were not aligned with her purpose.

If we keep limiting ourselves in this way, we will chip away at our own integrity until there is no point in trying to show others the way. This is the lesson that many struggle with. We must share our gifts undiluted. We do not need anyone to validate them, either with praise or coin. We should be able to share our gifts in a vacuum. As soon as I say that, the reader goes into their head and argues with that statement using their outer circumstances as a defense. Their “head” created those outer circumstances and those circumstances are a glass ceiling on their freedom.

Being centered and sharing your gifts at all costs, right NOW, is the way to become abundant. There is no abundance outside of your center. When you are not sharing your gifts you are outside your center. So the only way to get back to abundance, is to share your truth and perpetuate that wonderful expansive state that happens only when you are true to your specific cause. Your specific cause is to add your unique voice to a Universal Celestial song. You do this by sharing your gifts and empowering others with your Love with no concern for anything except the beautiful resonance of your voice.

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