Spiritual Freedom Technique

When I started creating taps for people to do, they would call them EFT taps., which stands for emotional freedom technique. I did not want to misrepresent myself so I looked for a way to make a distinction between EFT taps and what I do. Tapping itself was discovered in observing aborigines in the outback of Australia. Whenever they injured themselves, they would tap the area of the injury and then tap their head. This would tell the brain that this injury is high priority. The brain is working all the time to fix all the systems of the body. But it gets back logged. The taps are a means to bypass the waiting list and have what you focus on consciously become highest priority.

The emotional freedom technique is amazing. What I do takes nothing away from them. But I realized that what I do, incorporates more than emotional issues. I have the capability of reading Akashic records of past lives, tap into the mental issues of a person along with emotional issues. I realized that the taps that I share are intended to bring total spiritual freedom to the individual. That is why they are called spiritual freedom taps or SFT.

In past eras, people who wanted to become enlightened would spend a lifetime locked up in a monastery to glean a little bit of awareness and self discipline. The taps I post are a means of releasing issues that would be mastered through extreme discipline and sacrifice. The taps I post are an efficient way to address issues that limit people without setting one’s self to fail or by needing to dedicate a whole lifetime to one practice. The taps can be performed in the luxury of mainstream society.

The reason my taps create spiritual freedom is because the tapping allows the individual to bypass the ego’s permission to change. The ego likes drama and enjoys chaos. It makes it feel important. The ego makes it nearly impossible to glean any growth out of life because it locks it in a limited point of view and instill much resistance to change. The SFT taps allow the individual to access an aspect of themselves that exists beyond the mind. It taps into a reason and calm that creates a more capable functioning person. It doesn’t matter what the person believes or how they worship.

The SFT taps work at such an intimate level without violating personal belief systems. They are a universal practice that can bring everyone to greater truth and love.

How to Do the Taps

Here is how to do the tapping exercises that I share. I am energetically able to assist everyone who does the taps by moving out the stagnant energy that they release. Say each statement three times out loud while CONTINUOUSLY tapping on the top of your head at the crown chakra and say it a forth time while tapping on your chest at the heart chakra. Say each word deliberately. They are not just words but a vibration that you are initiating to shift energy. Pause after each word. Say it in a commanding but even tone, not as a question. Forgo saying it in a singsong tone or with bravado. Say them all. Notice the semi-colon before “in all moments.” This is to emphasize the pause before those three words.

Questions I Receive about the tapping:


No. Only do them once. If you do them everyday, your mind will either have you say them wrong or turn it into a mind exercise that becomes fruitless.


It is so part of the process for some. Energy has to come out. People get very sick and in dream of throwing up thick tar. The energy has to be released. Having a strong reaction is evidence that something is happening in doing the taps


There is a metaphysical belief that we are experiencing everything that we have ever experienced is happening right now. So when we say in all moments, we are collapsing everything into the present moment and taking ownership of it.


If you do, you should have someone spot you when you are doing them. The mind will trick us into saying the exact opposite of what we think we are saying.


There will come a point when everyone does the taps but that is only one step in the evolution of self healing. Once every one has learned how to tap, they will realize that they do not need to tap and can shift their energy with an intention.


They do work for everyone regardless of their belief system. So if you have a disgruntled mate or a stubborn child, have them indulge you by doing the taps. Give them something as a bargaining chip until they have the realization that the taps work regardless of their belief system.


There are some posts that I write as a surrogate for others. You are never allowed to change a person without their permission. But the taps do not interfere with the main directive of all souls; which is to attain a higher state of joy, love, abundance and freedom. You can work on your dynamics with others to assist them in these things but not to directly bend them to your will.

After doing the taps, it is best not to give life with your words to what you are releasing. Yours words need to be chosen with the discretion of choosing fresh or rotten fruit. You can dry up so much in the world just by choosing words with a higher vibration.

That is how powerful you are!

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