I am still perplexed when people ask me for assistance and are so vested in the issue they are trying to release. I will help anybody I can if it is not going to detract me from helping others. But the person that is almost impossible to get through to, is the person who is so vested in the story of their issue.

The story of their issue is a very serious thing to them but it comes across as so ironic in trying to help them. Because healing is done by simply extracting the negative energy that has been triggered by a a weakness in the emotions, or thoughts.

This negative energy pools in an aspect of the body that is deemed a storage space, or inconsequential in some way. Any cavity of any kind; the heart cavity, the pelvic bowl or in the fossa of the bones; will do. This energy becomes so laden in the body; like heavy fruit pulling down a branch; that it interferes with the natural functioning of the body.

Two reasons that this energy was allowed to pool in the first place was because the body was given too little consideration or appreciation and the mental or emotional issues were given too much attention or free reign. People have to stop thinking of their body as lifeless matter that doesn’t have consciousness.

Every cell, tissue, organ and function of the body has consciousness. It is alive. It cares about being appreciated. It yearns for love and respect. It needs to feel safe and valued. It also needs simple acknowledgement and encouragement. But people refuse to do this. They give the attention to the intruder. They only acknowledge the body in reference to the dis-ease. They neglect valuing themselves at a cellular level.

They should think of their conscious self as the loving god of their body. Or at least the nurturing parent. But their body gets no attention until it is not functioning. It is then that people are willing to talk about their body to others. They finally give it the attention it deserves. Sort of. They only give it attention as long as there is a life threatening issue. Then they start to think how important the job is; of that body part affected.

There is something that people do; which is more silly than neglecting the very system that provides them the experience of physical life. They create a story around the issue they are trying to be rid of; the dis-ease in the body. They tell the story to as many people who will listen. They embellish and make it sound as intrusive as possible. They give the story truth. They own it.

Why do you think the toys that have a back story, like pound puppies, or cabbage patch kid are so compelling? It is because of their back story. The competition reality shows understand the importance of the story. They share a background story on each contestant. They make is as compelling as possible.

When someone gets engaged or is pregnant, what is the questions that people want to know? Where did you meet? When did you first meet? When did you know this was the one? People get caught up in the story.

People have confused this tendency to share details as something you do with disease. Do you know why people want to know the details when you fall in love and have a baby. They are gleaning some of your happy energy for themselves. They may be happy for your happiness but they are also filling their own happiness cup a bit with your story. That is why they want to know details.

When you give details about your issue, you are offering them a cup of it. You in fact want them to take some of it because on some level, you know the stagnant energy is the cause. The problem is, people generate more negative charged energy with the details of their story than people are able to take away for them. They make the story larger than life.

Some people are so used to experiencing life with their cup out, that they don’t realize the negative dynamic they are endorsing. This is the dance that goes on in the throws of western medicine. The story telling helps dis-ease thrive. If you every do seek medical attention for an issue, you need to tell the story to every one you meet. It is like they are inadvertently helping you solidify the story deeper and deeper into your psyche.

On people’s part, the story is a means to etch the experience into them to make you unique. Instead of people truly being unique by sharing their gifts, they have become so conditioned to conform that the only way they believe they can stand out and be different is through their story. When someone becomes symptomatic, they start to tell their story. They get attention for the story. Important doctors listen to them and take notes. The more dramatic the story, the more attention they get from professionals and loved ones. The story becomes important.

Just like in the singing competition where the audience roots for the people with the saddest story, this perverse conditioning shows up in people competing for attention in life by having the best back story of their dis-ease. Of course the story involves how hard they tried to get rid of it and went to every practitioner and is so ready to release the issue. But the fact is, that they have identified so strongly with the issue that they have not only gave it room in their body to grow, they give it a whole life with a back story.

When someone comes to me for help, I can tell how easily they are willing to release the issue by how much they leave it in the intangible. I can tell by how little or how much they tell me about why that seek my help. I can even tell by how many negatively charged descriptive words they use to explain what is going on.

The person that can be helped easily has no back story on the issue. They do not go into lengths about how it has consumed their life and talk about the mass that has now shown up in their life, as if it was a child left on the doorstep and is there to stay.

The thing is, I cannot explain this to someone with a story. If I try, they become defensive and protective of their issue and reason for seeking me out. They give even more consideration and energy to the story. They vehemently protect it while denying they are not.

That is why the tapping exercises that I write and share are so important. They are a means of assisting people from afar without adding energy to their defense of the story. The taps work by stripping the energy away from an issue instead of adding to its growth. It addresses an issue without adding more attention to it. If anyone is inadvertently seeking attention for an issue, you don’t help them by giving them sympathy.

It is better to try and redirect their attention back in gratitude to that wonderfully beating heart or the relentless efficiency and endurance of the lungs. Gratitude opens up the energy systems of the body; which allows more healing energy from the ether to come in and cleanse the body. Fear closes the channels needed to pour healing energy into the body.

Gratitude itself is so important for healing. “The story” spirals the individual in sympathy and panic. Sympathy is as toxic as anger; perhaps worse because it pulls the energy system down to a low vibration using guile. Sympathy is not compassion. Compassion is using your strength to pull someone up to your vibration. Sympathy is joining them at the lower vibration to keep them company.

The taps that I share are me giving you all the help you need in addressing the stagnant energy you inadvertently let in and now believe you have to “send through college”. The taps strip the issues of the identity you gave it. You then don’t feel you are losing an aspect of yourself when releasing it. The taps empower you to own being special so you don’t need the story of a dis-ease to make you feel special.

Say each statement out-loud three times while continuously tapping on the top of your head,

and say it a fourth time while continuously tapping on your chest.

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“I relinquish the story of dis-ease; in all moments.”

“I release giving the dis-ease an identity; in all moments.”

“I withdraw all my energy from the story of dis-ease; in all moments.”

“I collapse and dissolve the story of dis-ease; in all moments.”

“I dissipate all remnants of the story of dis-ease; in all moments.”

“I am grateful and loving to all aspects of my body; in all moments.”

“I shift my paradigm from the story to gratitude for all aspects of my body; in all moments.”

“My body functions in optimal health; in all moments.”

“I release storing stagnant energy in my body cavities; in all moments.”

“I clean all the closets of my body; in all moments.”

“I am centered and empowered in the gratitude for optimal health; in all moments.”

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