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Activating Your own Abilities

There is an information bubble planted over Wisconsin.

It collects all the information on everything. It is no accident that this is one of the key states in the next election. It is no coincidence.

Could they be collecting all this information to use it in winning the next election? They are desperate. These taps can shift the dynamics on a very deep level. Consciously, few people are aware of the battle that is going on to free the soul of humanity. Anyone who is only paying attention on the surface level may be at a disadvantage. But these taps I provide, allows us to hone our energetic abilities beyond what we have the capacity to fathom.

Just try doing them and see if it doesn’t make you feel a little more relaxed in your skin, even if you don’t really understand why they are so impactful. Being comfortable in your own skin, may be worth getting over the resistance to trying them.

Say each statement 3 times while tapping on your head and say it a 4th time while tapping on your chest

We strip all illusion off of the use of the information bubbles; in all moments

We thwart all manipulation through information bubbles in all moments

We thwart the collecting of personal data through information bubbles; in all moments

We scramble, dilute and corrode all the information that is being used by power mongers; in all moments

We deactivate all ignoble intentions initiated by the power mongers; in all moments

We thwart the stealing of the election using information bubbles; in all moments

We disseminate all the means used to steal from people’s privacy; in all moments

We gut all systems used to take from humanity; in all moments

We return to all individuals all that was taken from them; in all moments

We empower the sluggish to awaken; in all moments

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