Recently I facilitated a session with a client who was very frustrated and confused at her own ambivalence. She was aware that she had many talents and gifts but seemed to not be able to share them. She seemed to have a very subtle contempt for the incompetency of others and yet seemed to seek their approval. Even though she felt manipulated by their compliments, she seemed to allow them to appease her. The dynamics of it seemed to leave her feeling helpless and not in control. She also felt very burdened.

In her session, a past life image of a donkey came through. She was really stubborn and made to carry such a heavy load. Beating her did not get a response. The only thing that would motivate her in that life, was sweet talk. To her, in that life, sweet talk was the closest thing to love that she received. On a subtle level, she was still registering sweet talk as a viable form of love. It was so ingrained in that past life from the loneliness and pain of the beatings, that it had imprinted on her and was affecting the present life.

After I led her through a bunch of taps, she felt the heaviness of this invisible burden lift from her. She was much lighter. Hopefully, she will be less vulnerable to shallow praise.

(Say each statement 3 times out loud while tapping on your head

and a 4th time while tapping on your chest.)

“I release being manipulated by praise; in all moments.”

“I release craving validation; in all moments.”

“I release seeking approval; in all moments.”

“I release the need to be appeased; in all moments.”

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