I have known this moral crisis was looming on the horizon. This is our moment to use all our God energy and good intentions to move humanity away from the present reality. The trauma that is created by these suffering babies is being converted into psychic energy to maintain control. These babies and families are being harvested for their energy.This is a pinnacle point where people must choose whether to be complacent and choose a horrific future by default, or to awaken to their own empowerment.

The reason this time in history is being compared to Nazi Germany is because the engrams (sheath of habitual energy) of that time period and others are getting lifted up like a deflated raft. They are having new life breathed into them. The first time I saw Kirsten Nielson months ago, I saw her in an SS Uniform putting Jews on a  train. Sometimes I am sorry I am so accurate with my perceptions. This would have been a time it would have been nice to be wrong.

There were good people caught up in the horror of that time and never used their voice. It is important that we learn form that time period. We must withdraw all our energy from the unethical practices so we do not inadvertently feed them. As it is now, this administration feeds off of outrage. It salivates over outrage. The good news is that they have no concept of the capabilities of Light Workers.

Here is a way to help change the situation for the children and their families. Go to https://jenuinehealing.com/energetic-cleanse-sign-up-form/ and receive the set of taps If you are alarmed, please do the exercise with each of the following subjects.

You can begin each set of taps with this first sentence to tap

“I declare myself a surrogate for humanity in doing these taps; in all moments”

Jailing Babies

Using Children as pawns

Scapegoating families

Demoralizing America



White supremacy

All Engrams


Crimes against humanity



Evil intent

Immigration Crisis

Abusing Immigrants

Demoralizing practices


Political Ploys

Psychic Manipulation


Psychic Streams of energy

Fear of immigrants

Ruthless gangs



the Current Administration



The House

The Senate

Kirsten Nielson


enabling Trump

Mitch Mcconnell

Paul Ryan

Fox news

Thirty five years ago, I used to reoccurring dreams every night. I was taken to a room where there were babies everywhere. No one was comforting them and they were numb and unemotional. I thought they were alien babies because they weren’t acting like regular babies. I now realize that way back then, I was experiencing the practice that I do consciously now constantly.

I take myself to the babies who have been ripped from all they know,, and I simply love them. You can do this too with your intention. Love and nurture these babies from afar as readily as you would love your own dear ones. This is a great contribution to their plight and it will make a difference.


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