The more you do the taps that I post, the more that you will strip away layers preventing you from being empowered. If you want to meet your soul mate, you can do the energetic cleanse for yourself and your perfect partner.

You already know each other on some level, So doing this exercise with everything that disturbs your calm, and doing it for your perfect partner, is a great way to converge with that person in this lifetime. Because many reasons a person wont change themselves is that they secretly are afraid the person they will be with, wont find them if they change. Well, you can do the taps for both of you to ensure that you stay on the same page.

Download this exercise and add this first tap to the list:

“I do these taps for myself and as a surrogate for my perfect partner; in all moments.”

You can do the exercise with things like:

past lovers



Being separated from my true love

Giving up hope


feeling unlovable

Choosing the wrong person

Controlling the process

Trying too hard


Putting conditions on Love

Self Sabotage

Self curses

Old Vow and Agreement


Pleasing others

Fear of being alone

Being a recluse

Everything standing between you and your true Love



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