We throw curses around like passing around a bag of chips. It is lay, sloppy behavior that has been bred into us generation after generation to diminish our effectiveness; to rob us of our empowerment.

If we are going to be empowered in the world, we have to stop diminishing everyone to the lowest common denominator. When ever you group someone in with demographic of people; unless it is super heros; you have just diminished them.
Here are everyday phrases that many believe that it is okay to say to others. It is not.

Don’t allow anyone to say these things to you. Make sure you don’t say them to others. They are nothing more than a limitation that others may hold themselves to because of you. We don’t realize the power of the spoken word and even the unspoken thought.

If you don’t do ________ then …..

You are going to end up …….

You can’t do that. You are not …….

You are just like ______

You will never find anyone to ………

You will never be……….

You are always …………..

You are throwing your life away.

Your illness terminal

Say this statement 3 times while tapping on your head and say it a 4th time while tapping on your chest.

“All curses upon me are removed; in all moments.”

“All curses I have put on all others are removed; in all moments.”

“All Universal curses are removed; in all moments.”

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