Recently I had a conversation with a friend who has pretty good health but admits to having panic attacks. It was very easy to hone into why. He is middle aged. In past eras, people did not live so long so in the present lifetime, they get stuck in that old pattern of ‘winding down” their life prematurely.

This resonated with him and he explained why. He has a lot of projects and things he wants to do, but his mind always puts him in check and he says to himself, “why bother?” This is the mind dictating the confines of his life. Since the mind can control levels of different hormones, it is important that the mind not be allowed to shut down our levels of different chemicals to induce aging. Here are the taps that I led him through.

Say each statement out-loud three times while continuously tapping on the top of your head, and say it a fourth time while continuously tapping on your chest.

Don’t skip any because you don’t think they apply to you. The ones you want to skip are the ones you need to do.

Want to know what SFT (Spiritual Freedom Technique) Taps Are? Click here!

“I release being confined by past life cycles; in all moments”

“I release living as if death is looming; in all moments”

“I release being conditioned to grow old; in all moments”

“I release living by the dictates of the mind; in all moments”

“I release aging prematurely; in all moments”

“I release winding down my enthusiasm for living; in all moments”

“I recalibrate my life to exuberant longevity; in all moments”

After my friend did these taps, he felt more relaxed in his body. He felt a tightness and stiffness leave his upper shoulders. It was something that he wasn’t even aware was there until it was released. The shifts work at such a deep level that the mind dos not know how to refute them. My friend was very grateful.

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