It is a formula move. Those in power, who abuse power, NEED to create suffering to fuel their position in power. It may not be innately understood by the idiot in charge. It may just be instinct. But he understands to inflict suffering to fuel his position of power. Everything that he does is instinctually done to feed his own position of power.

That was the real reason behind taking the babies away from their mothers at the border. What a great way to create suffering and use a demographic that he devalues. That is the whole purpose of creating such atrocities. That is his purpose for his incitement of the outmoded practice of tribalism. He has been following the playbook of Hitler himself. I would not be surprised if he secretly admired Hitler; as he admires the most ruthless dictators of our time..

The suffering of the Jewish people was fodder to keep Hitler in power. This was a horrific time in human history that unfortunately the president idiot in charge is trying to emulate. He is trying to breath life into past engrams ( Akashic recordings of past life issues) to incite fear and suffering to fuel his position of power.

It is time for all individuals to understand the dynamics in energy so they are not at a disadvantage. At this level of our evolution, many of us are aware enough to address the taking of energy so that we are not put in the same position as we were in past times. Many people romanticize Atlantis.

But the subjugating of others and harvesting of their energy was a common practice in Atlantis, that created the imbalance that brought their natural demise. It is like the Universe stepped in to stop it. But now we have the awareness to address the practice now. Many of us were in Atlantis and felt helpless. This present life is a redo for many of us who sat by helpless in the times of Atlantis.

Here is how. Do this exercise to support all those who are being targeted for suffering. We are not at the mercy of the head idiot. He is actually doing us all a favor by teaching the masses how irrelevant he is. Sure, he can play his misogynist games to bring hardship to brown people and FBI families (who he blames for his legal troubles and who are affected by the shutdown) But we can do damage control here.

Doing the work here is a means to address issues in energy and to teach you how to take back your empowerment. There are stages for awakening. For some, just seeing through the facade that the head idiot is not legit, is a huge catharsis. Another stage is realizing that we do not have to accept the reality that he is trying to inflict on the world. The third stage is to hold him accountable.

Say each statement 3 times while tapping on your head and say it a 4th time while tapping on your chest.


“We convert all fear and trauma into acts of kindness; in all moments.”

“We dissipate all suffering with the sanctity of our caring; in all moments.”

‘We release feeding the abuse of powers with our drama; in all moments.”

“We dissipate the force of the energetic blows wielded at the innocent; in all moments.”

“We thwart the revival of engrams of suffering and tragedy; in all moments.”

“We thwart feeding power factions through tribalism; in all moments.”

“We transcend all tribalism. in all moments.”

“We withdraw all our agreement from abuses of power; in all moments.”

“We send all the affects of ignoble intentions back onto the sender; in all moments.”

“We bury the most egregious abusers of power in the backwash of the affects of their own egregious intentions; in all moments.”

“We shift our paradigm from helplessness to empowerment; in all moments.”

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