After one has dissolved all karmic ties with someone or something, they may feel overburdened. It is that same feeling when someone has just dumped all their problems onto them. Without the warm and fuzzy feeling of the connection and the distraction that is generated from the connection, one is left feeling the heaviness of what they allowed the other party to store in them. Wouldn’t it be great to just let go of that heaviness; so as not to feel the need to throw it back at the other party by wielding anger at them?

We can release that heaviness through tapping it out. It is a clean way of disposing of issues that are being stored in our energy field. How freeing and empowering is it to just imagine releasing all that is holding us anchored in a lower vibration of pain and angst?

The next tap in the protocol that I have been given is: “I remove ALL the pain, burden, limitations and engrams that ____________ has put on me; in all moments”

The wording seems to be pretty important.

In my private sessions I have found many ways that the client tries to sabotage themselves when saying this. It is important to say the word “ALL” to make it most thorough. By not saying the word all, the mind leaves wiggle room to hold onto some stuff. Also, the client wants to put a “s” on the end of the word burden. But leaving it singular makes it more expansive somehow. Also, the client will be stuck in saying the statement in the tone of a question. This renders it less effective. The way I have the client counter this is by asking them to pretend to be mad and say the statement in an angry tone. This seems to be the only way they seem to be able to shift out of the ineffectiveness of the question tone.

Also, the word engrams refers to energetic ridges that we develop in our energy field, that cause us to do things out of habit. They are similar to grooves on an old vinyl record. I see the energy field from the inside of the person sometimes as a waxy mound like a honey comb nest. By gently melting the mold and smoothing out the ridges, one can actually remove habitual thoughts, beliefs and actions from their behavior. This may be a great visual for the reader to work with in contemplations. Look at their energy field from the inside and melt all lines and ridges so it is perfectly smooth.

When we use visualizations, we are giving our mind a job to help assist us in our desired goal. The mind works against us because it is not given enough direction and takes over the situation. It is like a teenager who thinks it is more empowered than the parent. We as the parent, have let the teenager gain control and it is time to take back the reins and steer our own cart. Visualizations and taps are a great way to do that.

After one has removed all the pain, burden, limitation and engrams that someone or something has put on them, they are going to want to remove all that they have put on that same someone or something. It is a matter of totally cleaning the slate and not having that other component coming after you for reciprocation. The tap would be:

“I remove all the pain, burden, limitations and engrams that I have put on _____________; in all moments”

The short version of this is: I remove all that I have put on _______________; in all moments”

Usually when a client is feeling victimized by someone, if they go far enough back in their history together, they will realize that they were the perpetrator before then. Especially the one who seems like an older soul, is more likely the one who abused power first and got tired of the game. Many of us are merely waiting for others to tire of the game we ourselves have already lost interest in, long ago. We are not victims, we are just merely tired of the game before everyone else is.

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