Yes. You can use them as a daily practice to ground you. But do a different set every day. Or change up the way you say them. If you are going to do them for an ex, the fist set would be just their name. The second set would be maybe, breaking up with ________, then another set, being diminished by ________, hating ________. The list is endless until you comb out all the feelings you have with this person. These taps are done using the energetic divorce or the updated, more thorough version of that found on my website called the Energetic Cleanse.


It is so part of the process. It has to come out. People get very sick and in dream of throwing up thick tar. The energy has to be released. Sometimes getting sick is the way the energy expunges from the body very quickly. It is a good thing because it is a way to cleanse the body at a very deep level. Other reactions are, deep yawns when doing the taps, wanting to cry, messing up the words, resisting doing the taps or lightness and happiness in the body. All reactions are proof to the conscious self that the taps are doing something. The more you do them, the more heartily positive reactions will happen.


There is a metaphysical belief that a we are experiencing everything that we have ever experienced is happening right now. So when we say in all moments, we are collapsing everything into the present moment and taking ownership of it. We are not only dissolving negative past experiences, we are dissolving negative future experiences.. This is what Mastership is; living your whole life and all your intention in the present moments. Not any of your energy is wasted supporting peripheral experiences so you are free to command the present experience and you free up all your energy so it can manifest your highest intentions.


The protocols I have created (the Ancient Ones have given me) make it so easy for anyone to create empowerment by simply pinpointing one issue at a time that brings them dis-ease and perform the whole protocol for that one issue. If one gets upset, all they have to do is articulate the core reason they feel they are upset and do the taps in the protocol with that subject matter. The taps were painstakenly created so that the subject of the taps is also freed in doing them. There is no psychic payback in doing these taps. There is merely spiritual freedom for all involved. Freeing those who offend you is the only way for all of humanity to transcend. You let everyone fall or rise on their own grace in a compassionate and loving way..


There will come a point when everyone does the taps and accepts their validity as readily as they now accept yoga which was once a fringe practice.The taps are merely training a whole planet that has been enslaved in apathy and indifference, their empowerment. That is why we use so little of our brain capacity. In a couple generations when people have dropped out of primal reactionary mode, the tapping will no longer be necessary. But the taps are a key to the awakening of the planet.


They do work for everyone regardless of their belief system. So if you have a disgruntled mate or a stubborn child, have them indulge you by doing the taps. Give them something as a bargaining chip until they have the realization that the taps work regardless of their belief system.


I used to think No because it was interfering with others lives. But the Ancient ones explained that all humans are trapped in a cage of apathy. If you saw a neglected animal trapped in a cage, you would help them no matter how much they protest because you would realize that it was their neglect that was causing them to lash out. The same is so with humans. Humans are praying to the Divine for assistance to their plight. You may be the one who has taken the initiative to answer their prayers. That is what a God enlightened being would do. In doing these taps for others, you are taking on the role of a Spirit Guide. This is beneficial to you because you were not meant to cower at the presence of your spiritual benefactors. You were always meant to walk amongst them as friends. This is a realization that many need to take in.

If you are going to do them for another, start the protocol with__________ and do this first tap: “I declare myself a surrogate for _________ in doing these taps; in all moments” If you want to upgrade all of humanity, you can start the protocol with, “I declare myself a surrogate for humanity in doing these taps. You can then address all the social issues that are so upsetting by putting them in the protocol and doing. You can do, War, fracking, crimes against humanity, pollution, etc. There is no negative energy wielded in doing these taps so it is the most efficient way to benefit the planet without your energy fueling a “them vs Us” mentality. Try it.

If you have a certain demographic that you have a passion for, you can do the taps in the protocol as a surrogate for them For example, if you have a passion for nature, you can do the taps as a surrogate for all trees, and do the taps for them. You could insert in the protocol things like, being cut down, being disregarded, or being killed to be an ornament. Doing the taps will bring deep satisfaction for any psyche that is disturbed by any issue. One can also see evidence of a shift after they do the taps.

The world was a different place a few years ago before people started doing the taps. Now the awakening period has sped up. It may seem like negative changes but that is merely that all the illusion and psychic energy of deceit are stripped away and people are seeing the world through the eyes of truth now. The apathy in the world is dissipating. You doing these taps and the multitudes doing these taps is the quickest way to awaken the masses. This is why the protocol exists.


It stands for Spiritual Freedom Technique. Because the taps are the quickest way for any one individual to take back their empowerment and realize their own worth. That is what spirituality is all about. The taps allow everyone to realize that they are not sitting on the sidelines of life. They are atoms in the body of God and as such, compassion and kindness are the blood of the body. By doing the taps we realize our own potential and the potential of all others. It elevates the love to a palpable state of perpetual gratitude.

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