A dynamic energy worker was energetically attacked by a light worker she very much respected. This shows up as a personal attack but in energy it created a wound. It made her doubt herself and her service. This has been happening to those who are the most pure of heart. We can assist humanity by addressing the energies that are trying to squelch truth in the world. We are called upon to simply do the exercise below. Feel your empowerment in serving in this way. The ancient ones bow to you in your service.

Love Love Love.

Light, Joy and Love


Do the Energetic Cleanse  You can download it on my page https://www.jenuinehealing.com/energetic-cleanse-sign-up-form/  It is a tapping protocol that I have created to clear all karmic issues with any person or situation. If you are feeling helpless, you can use this protocol over and over to address any thing that is causing distress or dis-ease. 

Please start the protocol by saying this statement:

Say this statement 3 times while tapping on your head and say it a 4th time while tapping on your chest

“I declare myself a surrogate for all children, Truth Seekers, Healers, Lightworkers and all souls in existence; in all moments”

Then do the Energetic Cleanse with the phrase Being Deceived inserted in all the blanks 

This is a powerful exercise to support truth in the world and dissipate psychic energy of deceit.

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