Thank you so much for writing to me. I know this sounds like a very scary dream. But it is nothing that I don’t deal with regularly,  It is part of what I do. It is not scary to me and once I explain, it will seem less scary to you. In fact exciting, It is true that the government is a faction of power and would prefer to stop me from what I do. They have tried so many times in my life and they have been unable to. It is not people though. It is just a dead energy of habit that is like a memory, It is like a song playing over and over because there is a glitch, They have a limited bag of tricks and I have so many Ancient Beings helping me help others. Helping people is too important and cant be stopped any more.  I have been sent here to do what I do. That is why I have no family or the things that other people value, Because I have nothing to lose in doing the work. The work is in freeing people who are afraid to be empowered,

I get scary scenarios playing through my head sometimes. It is a gauge to me now how much I am making an impact. If I was not making an impact, there would be no need to try to make me afraid, You are learning a very adult lesson, Fear is the only tactic for control. Nobody can ever force you to do what you don’t want to do. They can only instill fear and make you do things to yourself. When you are feeling afraid of anything, realize that you are breaking through some kind of limitation. It is your own ego being used to keep you from growing through fear. This is in general and not to be sensed in regards to your parents. You do what they tell you to because of love and respect. Not control, Its a difference. But fear is only a kind of dial for you to gauge how important your spiritual work is. Truth, love and kindness is all spiritual work.

Now being afraid is a means to prevent you from being a dynamo. All you have to do is expand how much love you contain, If you are feeling afraid, love more.It does not to be a sappy sentiment but more with the respect of one martial artist to his teacher. 

Watch as I just pour my love into you. Feel that confidence and safety?  I love you and watch your back constantly. I am able to do that. I have been practicing lifetimes how to make my love so big. You can love me back if you feel comfortable. Your love will help me. It will help me to stretch my love and help more people, animals, trees and the earth itself. It is not like money where it is used to make myself seem more important. That is not possible at this level of healing I don’t think.

Now if your feel anything that makes you feel afraid, it is merely stagnant energy that thinks its a person. It is like a piece of ash that curls as it breaks away and burns a little before it dissipates. Here is a technique to use: 

Whatever you are feeling afraid of, name it and then put it into a two sentences. As an example lets use the statement, influences through the computer.

Plug it into these two sentences:

“I send all energy matrices into the Light and Sound that _______________; in all moments.”

“I command all complex energy matrices that _________________  to be escorted into the Light and Sound by my Guides; in all moments.”   

You would plug in the statement about being influenced through the computer and do the two statements as SFT taps.  Meaning you say each statement 3 times while tapping on your head and say a 4th time while tapping on your chest.

Do the following taps exactly like this: 

“I send all energy matrices into the Light and Sound that influence me through the computer; in all moments.”

“I command all complex energy matrices that influence me through the computer to be escorted into the Light and Sound by my Guides; in all moments.”

There is no need to be afraid of anything, It is people’s misunderstanding of what these things are that causes them so much fear. When you realize how easy it is to shift into love instead of fear, it will be as silly to react to such things as it would to be afraid of dust.  I promise you, And of course, I am able to assist you where ever you are and in all moments. Use this technique with anything that makes you afraid. You can even plug in the statement “that causes me to be afraid”.

Thank you for your priceless information. I am going to post this answer. Just this answer on my page for others to benefit from what you gain here. Thank you very much for taking the time to write, I love you very much. .You are very special to me.



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