I was counseling someone who has ascribed to the SFT tapping for awhile. He still seems to struggle with male superiority in very subtle ways. Why not? It has been a good run. But if he wants to continue to expand exponentially (remove himself from linear limitations) he has to expand beyond the comforts of male entitlement.

I tapped into abstract core beliefs of male energy and female energy. I tapped into some primal core beliefs to bring balance to the two.

Imagine the expansive world beyond the division of yin and yang. All attributes exist in this pool of calm and acquiescence. But then all energy is divided into yin and yang to create form.

As I was taping into the division of the calm into yin and yang, primal issues came to light to do some taps on. If you are interested in helping the world to get back to the calm, you can do the taps in the energetic cleanse as a surrogate for humanity.

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Start each set of taps with the following tap:

“I declare myself a surrogate for humanity in doing these taps; in all moments.”

Then do the following sets of taps to balance out the male and female energy in the world:

Male energy being jealous of female energy

Yang being jealous of Yin

Male energy resenting female energy

Yang energy resenting Yin

Female energy deferring to male energy

Yin deferring to Yang

Female energy rolling over too easily to male energy

Yin rolling over too easily to yang

Female energy diluting her empowerment for male power

Yin diluting its empowerment for yang

Yang taking advantage of yin’s nature

Male energy taking advantage of female energy’s nature

Female energy giving in to male energy

Yin giving in to Yang

Male energy wearing female energy down

Yang wearing yin down

If these taps resonate, you would enjoy:

Emerging from the Mist book by Jen Ward

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