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There are some very complicated metaphysical concepts that do not need to be so difficult to understand. Anything that is fathomable in the Universe should be able to be simplified so as a child can understand them. For instance, there are no words that explain the energy pull between two things. That would be the word vivaxes. As we become more enlightened, we will need more and more words to explain our ever expanding relationship with energy.

Taps To Remove Old Engrams!

Akashic Records: – the memories stored in ones energy field of everything that one has ever done. In the dream state, they can be depicted in many was including pictures in a photo album, catalogue records, or even artwork in a museum.

Claws: Sometimes and in some instances, one will feel psychically gripped by an issue. The best way to depict the feeling of this is with the word claws.

Complex Energy Matrix: When an energy matrix intrudes upon your energy system and identifies itself with a personality. It may convince you and it, that it is an aspect of you or that it is a totally different individual that has taken you over in some way. It is merely stagnant energy that needs to be dissipated. No melodrama necessary. Just release it with the taps

Dissipated:  Energy that is broken down to a nothingness is dissipated.

Engrams: Engrams are the way past issues that are stored in our energy field. Think of how a groove in a vinyl record plays a song repeatedly when a needle is inserted in the groove. An engram is a groove in your energy field that plays a behavior repeatedly.

Enlightenment: This is the formula process of meeting all of the negativity within you and pushing through the illusion of it that is thrown up by ego. After passing through enlightenment, one is no longer at the mercy of the ego. They see themselves more as a reflection of the higher realms rather than reacting to the negative nature of their very atoms.

Light Bodies: We seem like solid energy. But we are really made of layers of energy consisting of different vibrations. Our physical body is the most coarse. Then the emotions create a layer of vibration around that. People know that layer as the astral level of vibration. Then there is the level that contains the memory of every past experience. This layer is called the causal plane and the records are called the Akashic records. After that layer of vibration is the mental realm. This is the same layer as the ego and it is why it is difficult to see beyond the mental realm because the ego tries to prevent it. Above that level, the duality of the lower vibrations are dropped and then energy beyond that is one of such a purity, it registers as a neutrality. That is why feeling good is not the highest expression of love but loving neutrality or detachment is a more spiritual state. The ego will convey this as bliss but in its true state, it is neither positive or negative.

Light Emanation: We are not solid matter. In energy, we are a Light Emanation and a Sound Frequency woven together to give the illusion of matter.

Matrixes: Stagnant energy can exist in cloud form. We walk through it all the time during the day. It can affect our moods. If one walks through energy and it identifies with their vibration, it may collect in an individual and seem like an intrusion.

Paradigm: Our foundation of everything we do, feel and believe is our paradigm. It is what we base our sense of reality on. When we drastically change our beliefs, feelings and actions, we drastically change our reality, This is a paradigm shift.

Portals: An energetic gateway.

Psychic Streams of Energy: A compilation of a similar vibration of thoughts and emotions that creates a cloud like energy that can affect those who are subjected to it.

Sound Frequency: One of the two aspects of ourselves, the other one being Light emanation. All energy is either Light or Sound. Knowing ourselves as Sound Frequencies and Light Emanations is breaking ourselves down to our true state devoid of ego and ego limitations. It is as a Sound Frequency or Light Emanation that we are capable of traveling in all realms and knowing ourselves as Omniscient, Omnipotent and Omnipresent. It is also a means of communicating with Source or God in its native tongue.

Stagnant energy:  just like standing water gets putrid, so does energy. Stagnant energy is energy that is not flowing like healthy energy, Fear, negative beliefs and memories cause energy to get stuck in pockets in the energy field and cause dis-ease. This is stagnant energy

Strings: When two energy sources touch, a string of connecting energy is formed between them. If attention is kept on this string, it can become reinforced with obsessive or repetitive thoughts. These strings need to be broken if one is going to be free of the object of the taps.

Tentacles: Energy that reaches reaches out and attaches to someone perhaps to take from them or feed off their energy.

Vivaxes:  An energy pull between two or more people, places or things.

Vortex: A vortex is an energy pull similar to a gravitational pull between two components. For example, there is a vortex between the sun and all the planets and there is a vortex between the earth and moon.

Wei Chi:  The “Skin” on the surface of your energy field that provides a natural barrier to energies interrupting your natural function. It gets pierced and broken during trauma and then it is more difficult for an energy to hold its electromagnetic charge. Someone whose Wei chi is in tact may have a natural magnetism.

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