Saving the world!

What if the world’s destiny wasn’t so much written in stone as a compilation of the thoughts and actions of all its inhabitants?  What if the perceived downfall of earth was merely a self – fulfilling prophecy? Do you think that things have taken a turn for the worse and the world doesn’t seem too hopeful?  Maybe all the negative advertising, war coverage and rhetoric is finally taking a toll on us.  Maybe our personal thoughts and everyone’s personal negative thoughts need to change. Maybe that is what will bring about hope for a better outcome for the world.

Many groups and individuals feel that they need to take up causes to save the world. It is good to pour passion into the world but it doesn’t have to be at the cost of another person’s freedom.  Meaning, your loving intent may be helpful but not if it relies on everyone else to get on the bandwagon too.

Here is an example: Many people want you to wear a pink ribbon or fight for a cure to a disease. If you do not comply they think you are not sympathetic.  This is social peer pressure. I empathize with those who have lost loved ones to an illness. But the cure is right in front of us and society doesn’t want to do the hard work, so they distract themselves with races and causes that don’t address the issue. It is group denial.

So many diseases are caused by contaminated water, food and air. It is not rocket science. But people have been bullied by institutions that say that everything is safe and well. But those of us who have common sense realize that all the pink ribbons and all the research in the world isn’t going to change the quality of air and water.  (Where does the research money go that people use all their heart and lifeblood to raise? Back into big business in the form of research.)

The World is full of noble causes to rally around. But when one puts their attention on the problem, they are giving it attention and making more space for un-resolve in the world. Those who protest for peace, find themselves in the center of conflict. Those who take up animal rights squabble on different sides of the same issue with fellow animal lovers.

What if the real way to resolve conflict in the world was to resolve conflict within ourselves? What if all the pettiness in our lives; the half- truths and denial; were taken care of within ourselves and we supported others to do the same. What if it didn’t matter how someone processed love for community, God, family and Country.  What if it all boils down to love and commitment within our self? Whatever that looks like, we can better ourselves without trying to persuade others to see life from our vantage point.