Reverence For All Life

At the beach today all the birds were at the shore resting. It was cold so they were all plumped up to stay warm. No one else was around so it was a great little community to watch from afar.

A couple started to walk by. I was hoping they would see that the birds were enjoying their communion and walk way around them. But the girl did the exact opposite. She ran straight into them to enjoy seeing them all fly up around her. Anyone else wouldn’t have thought twice about this.

But as she deliberately disturbed the birds, her Akashic records opened up to me of her future interactions. I saw her being disturbed by many others repeatedly and wondering why it was happening. She would not have the awareness to realize she disturbed the birds in their sanctuary. She would now have to experience what that would feel like; even though she wouldn’t recognize the correlation.

The Universe does not differentiate between the value of the birds and of people. Both are equally important. It is only people who deem themselves more important than all others. It is a behavior ingrained on the primal level for survival that mistakenly has solidified in them.

This woman will have to learn the sanctity of every soul. It is a lesson that plays out a trillion times a day. When someone thinks that God is punishing them, it may in actuality be the Universe teaching them the precious lesson of reverence for all.

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