Removing Toxic Anger

Anger is a toxic, corrosive poison that seeps into our lives in many ways. It is a byproduct of generations of invalidation and mistreatment and seeps into us directly or indirectly from others. It is as if the modern environment has shower heads of anger shooting out in all directions and we are its collecting rods and human holding tanks.

How can we deal with it? There are ways to get rid of it. Recycling it into productive energy like work, service or exercise seems to be effective. But all too often, instead of being dissipated it is passed on to those around us. Or we keep pooling it within ourselves, accepting more and more from those around us and creating more space for it until we become totally explosive or withdraw into passivity.

Prayer or meditation can help you rise above the level of anger, but it doesn’t dissipate the bubbling pool that already exists.

Here is a technique to dissipate the anger:

In contemplation, instead of avoiding the anger, go to it. Visualize a bubbling toxic pool of noxious energy within you. See it in its pure form. Look at how it has killed all life around it. Sense the hopelessness of allowing this pool to exist. Visualize calling upon a special, unique group of hazmat angels that are specifically equipped to deal with the toxic waste of anger.

Visualize them installing a pump and siphoning all the toxic anger out of the pool. See it going into a special pipe that dumps it into a river of light. Watch the waste flow into the Light and transform into a light golden energy as well.

Watch the hazmat angels work diligently to dry up the pool within you. See the scorched, burned barren ground underneath it.. But see it as totally bone dry. Watch as the angels install a drainage system where the pool once was, and have it connect through a pipe directly into the river of Light.

Now see them use a hose to spray the ground and surrounding areas with a special treatment of healing energies. Watch a new growth of green grass emerge; then little flowers. Visualize them continuing to spray until a whole garden is formed. See the butterflies return. Hear birds singing. Visualize the sun coming out and see the scene lighter; watch as a rainbow emerges.

Remember how it felt to get rid of this pool. If you ever feel angry, call upon the hazmat angels to check the drain pipe and to remove blockages that may be plugging it up and creating a back wash of anger. When a situation arises that creates anger, be excited to use it as an opportunity to get rid of it by using this technique.

Share this technique with others instead of allowing them to use you as a drainage ditch for their anger.

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