Releasing Old Dynamics

I facilitated an emergency session with a regular client on the east coast. She had just had an exam and it showed an alarming amount fibroid tumors that were not present in her past history. Luckily, it was obvious when we connected, what the issue was and how to rectify the situation.

Immediately in the session, I perceived that there was someone in her life that was literally using her for an emotional dumping ground. This friend was real dear to her, she felt the discomfort when this woman called her but felt compelled to allow it. My client is a very strong person with very good communication skills but felt helpless to remove herself from this energy dynamic with the woman.

In her session, it came to light that the woman was her mother in a past life. In the present life, my client deferred to her friend so much because the past relationship was bleeding through. She felt compelled to “take” whatever this woman would share, out of an ingrained habit.

In her session, we released all the caustic energy that the woman was unloading onto my client and helped her shift the dynamics with her friend by releasing all her old vows and agreements with her and dissolving all karmic ties. Without the karmic ties, love and freedom prevail. My client felt lighter immediately and empowered.

She was able to instill better boundaries moving forward and when she had her next ultra sound, all the fibroid tumors were gone.

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