Releasing Collectively

I feel like when I am going through something that hits me out of the blue, it is something that I am feeling and releasing for everyone. Maybe others are experiencing it and releasing it too. It is almost like humanity collectively lets out a big release of pain or sadness through us all.

Afterward all humanity feels better and more uplifted. It helps if we all just roll with it instead of identifying it as our problem specifically. Maybe it has always been this way and we are only now beginning to understand it. Maybe this is the consciousness uplifting, beginning to understand our interconnectedness.

Maybe when the rich white men in the world realize that their happiness is contingent on the well-being of others, the whole world will change. Instead of their mindset of taking, they can envision everyone as givers in different ways. Maybe they can realize that monetary wealth means nothing in a horde. It’s only meaningful as a means to generate abundance for all of humanity.

We all have our blind spots. Let’s not fault each other’s. Let’s find a way to allow our vision to fill in the lack of vision for others. This is so we all may all envision, Joy, Love, Abundance, Freedom, Life and Wholeness for all.

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