Releasing an Athlete’s Pain

Many times when competitive athletes get hit, the opponent is mentally shoving their anger into that person. I am able to touch the injury, convert that anger into sound (because they are both energy,) and remove it for the player. It speeds up recovery time and releases the pain. Sometimes the pain is caused by impacted anger. It is no different from having an infected wound, except the infection is the anger. If coaches and players realized what I could do, they would be begging for my services.

Players are often disgruntled after an injury that stays with them. They sense that something off, but not too many people can literally put their finger on the injury and release the issue. It is a shame that some athletes retire prematurely because of anger injuries. It isn’t necessary.

And if just one athlete would be receptive to my assistance, it could help his throwing arm or a head or shoulder injury or release the issues of worrying too much about the career and peripheral issues that get in the way of their talent, speed and overall success.

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