Real Time Help For Bird Kind

Hi Jen,

Robin family help needed. If u have time, could u talk to mama Robin? We just had to move her nest with wee babies in it b/c the water co is coming to dig and fix a leak in the water main Friday AM. Right now she’s on the ground looking for them. It’s about 25′ from where she had it, a lateral move on the other side of the front steps. I’m trying to talk to her with pictures. You’re more i

you’re more ‘in-tune’. Thx.

working on it ‘

I think mama left. I moved the nest back and no mama. my rehabbed friend said to bring them in before dusk and use a heating pad on low to warm them. Feed them milk with sugar or squisshed blueberries to hydrate them. Then solid food with teasers. I have never been so nervous. And I feel so bad for mama.
Me too. Please love them. I will help warm and heal them ‘


thank You very much, Jen. ❤ I hope she has another brood.
Me too

YOU HELPED!!!!! SHe just went in and fed gem!!!!!!! OMG! Now I am waiting to hear where to move them when they dig up the bush they’re in. YOU DID IT!

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