When one is centered, they do everything they can to stay in that point of peace. When someone asks them to do something that doesn’t “feel” right or tries to cause a reaction in them, they are trying to pull them out of their center. It happens all the time.

When one is pulled out of their center or is trying to defend their stance, they feel like they need a reason. That is the point of creating drama when it isn’t necessary. It is enough to say, “I would love to help you out but to do that doesn’t feel right to do now”. That is all that needs to occur. If others respect you, they will respect your answer. If they don’t, then you are being used.

Children are great at needing a reason. When you give it to them, they may launch into attacking it as invalid. There is no need to put one’s self in that position. Get the child used to accepting the fact that you may not know the why, but for some reason, what they are asking does not “feel” right.

It feels awful to be pulled out of one’s center. It is like a little knot of anxiety in the body saying, “trust me, don’t do this”. It must be more horrendous to never know what it is like to be centered. By responding in a non reactionary way, you are using your awareness to teach others.

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