Reaching Enlightenment

I recently had a private remote session with a long-time client. She was reluctant to have another session with me now. She had just spent two months away on an extended vacation and was implying that she was different. She said she had been kissed by God in a way that no one could imagine. So I asked her very casually if she had experienced enlightenment. She had.

I described to her exactly what she was experiencing. She is different now. Right afterward she felt so pure and clean that nothing mattered. Yes, she agreed. But then you felt the persona creep back in and it feels ugly and course to you, I said. She agreed. You want to be alone most of the time and nothing is as enjoyable as the silence. Yes. Yes

The experience of enlightenment, Nirvana or self-realization is a personal one. But more and more people are being prepared for it. It is an amazing transformation to a place of purity where the ego is no longer in control. What happens afterwards, is that the ego becomes a tool but is no longer running the show. It is something that can be recognized but it is okay because the person is able to set it aside from time to time.

When I went through enlightenment I was in a state of perpetual terror until I passed through. My captor kept raising the stakes in the fear game. In a way, he helped initiate this transformation. When we stayed at the property, he thought that the neighbors were the Illuminati and that they wanted me to work constantly outside, which I did. They did seem to encourage my work of clearing the woods to exhaustion in very hot weather and would come visit once in a while to visit when my captor seemed to need encouragement, maybe. It was to reassure me as well. Once, before I was officially a captive, I talked of leaving. The neighbor over reacted and told me to stay. Then they started inviting us over to picnics so I wouldn’t feel homesick. It felt like they really wanted me to stay, in a surreal kind of way.

I had cut down and piled a HUGE amount of trees to stay busy. The neighbor arranged them with a bulldozer into a 2 story, 2 house long pile. He was waiting to burn them. When I went through enlightenment, I saw visions of the huge misuse of power, debauchery and darkness. I saw a lot of rough drafts of Disney’s original drawings. They were as innocent as the movies but they were part of the bad experiences. It was if anything that is created, will someday be abused and run its course of being used for power. Because that is the lesson of living in this world.

After the third day of terrible imagery that even showed itself when I was awake an interesting serendipitous event occurred that made me believe that the neighbors were helping to induce this experience in me. The enormous two-story pile of wood that I had spent a couple of months compiling in anguish, fear and exhaustion was now set ablaze by the neighbor. It was as if he was burning the old consciousness off of me and I was cleansed in the process.The horrific images cleared after the fire was set and I started to see pleasant images. I could travel in my mind very quickly and wonderfully. I was taken to a scene where I was shown creation. I was shown young lovers dancing in innocence, the seasons changing very quickly and beautifully and I was watching planets be made. No. I was making them with my mind. It was beautiful.

The neighbors were all avoiding us while this process took place. But when the fire burned, I was told to go outside by my captor and talk with the neighbor who showed up out of the blue to light it. There was nothing to say. We just stood in silence as the fire seemed to cleanse me.

It took a day to balance out and when I did, my captor felt the difference in me. He left
me alone. I wanted nothing and I was content. My senses were very acute; I could hear deer in the woods that the neighbor couldn’t hear. I would have to process the ego back into the equation and that is what was happening in my isolation. That would take about six months to happen. When I left, I left alone and I left of my own accord.

My client agreed that she would not have reached the point of enlightenment without the work that we have done. I believe that is part of my purpose, to lead others to that point within themselves where they can experience it in a safe and uplifting way. It feels like many are very close. Maybe we are closer than some believe to a mass enlightenment. That is the intention I hold for everyone.

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