Raising Your Vibratory Rate

The Spiritual Law of Vibrations states that everything is in constant flux. All matter is either growing or degenerating. Nothing exists in a static state. The only constant is change.

Matter is like a pile of clay on the potter’s wheel.  It gets built to great heights only to be broken down again to the base.  The process continually repeats itself.  Creation is brought to the pinnacle of exhilaration, only to return to a humble beginning again and again. Yet the clay is not the same, it is more pliable. It is experienced.

Human Beings are living, vibrant energy systems.  There is nothing within us that isn’t fluid.  Even our bones, that seem so hard, still grow and bend. The Law of the Universe is that everything is striving to achieve a better level of excellence. The Human energy system is no different.

So why do we fatigue so easily? We wear our energy systems out way too early by adhering to practices that don’t benefit it. We create dis-ease in our bodies by treating it like a dead machine instead of a living organism. We have denied it every natural form of energizing itself. It needs real food, fresh water, sunshine, clean air. It also needs intangible energy that is gained through contemplative practices and by contributing to life in some way.

Denial about the natural rhythm of living and dying is making this an ill society. If the selfish people in power were taught that they come back to earth again, wouldn’t they take better care of earth? If people were taught that they would incarnate again in a house of their enemies, wouldn’t they work to have no enemies? If selfish people were taught that they incarnate as their children’s children, wouldn’t they be more loving to their children to insure their own happiness?

We as individuals can save a lot of wear and tear on ourselves physically and emotionally if we embrace change as a constant.  Everything resonates with a vibration. What surrounds us and imbues us are things of a similar vibration to us.  If the people and things in our surroundings bring us dis-ease then it is up to us to change the vibrations of our circumstance to have a better quality of life.

If you are around negative people, move away. By trying to conform, you are warping your vibration.   People who are negative resonate at a different vibratory rate than people who are positive.

People who are angry and swear and have destructive habits live in fear of different vibratory rates.  So they spew their negativity out around themselves to spread the frequency around that they are comfortable being in. This practice has become an epidemic in societal living. It takes a lot of inner strength and courage to not resonate in one big mass of negativity.

I perceive people as notes in a great symphony of life.  Many people are out of tune.  They may be uncomfortable to be around. People who resonate similarly will find comfort in each other’s company.  It’s the pack mentality.

When you succumb to peer pressure you are creating discord in yourself just to have the illusion of fitting in. That’s why it is in your heart, it feels uncomfortable. The thing to know is that it’s easier to maintain your original note than to try to resonate as yourself once you have lost your individual tone. It is always much easier just to maintain your individuality.

If you want to empower yourself, there are many ways to do so. If it doesn’t feel right to be around people, remove yourself from their influence. Even if they are relatives and you were taught duty.  No one has the right to diminish you. Do creative endeavors that you enjoy.  Express yourself in creative ways. Be healthy and fit.  Muscle cells have a different vibratory rate than fat cells. Fresh fruits have a higher vibratory rate than a candy bar.

Edit all thoughts that aren’t positive.  Say only true statements.  When speaking, use encouragement and honor everyone that you meet.  Throw out all those scenarios in your head where you are victimized.  Think of the most uplifting people you can, and find similarities between you both.  Oprah is so popular because she is one of the most dynamic, influential, loving vibrations; yet she is easy to visualize talking with.  So have an inner conversation with Oprah; or someone else you admire. Just keep the conversation positive.

Performing daily contemplations, meditations, or prayer is very helpful for maintaining your resonance. Positive affirmations and visualizations work great as well.  Every tool you can use to suspend judgment is dynamic in building your integrity and uplifting your vibratory rate.

Use positive visualizations during the day. Whenever you open a door, see it as walking into an opportunity. Every person you meet, see them as the next great sage of our times. The more you use uplifting tools to empower, the less your mind will be on auto pilot.

Sometimes the clearest note is the single note.  A lot of students struggle with fitting in or being popular.  If they could just realize that the way they resonate is unique and a special vibration. They may be a whole note within themselves and not need the experience of being surrounded by others.  Maybe by being alone, they can resonate better. They may well be the next genius, artist, or humanitarian.

Wouldn’t it be great if, as a group and as individuals, we could embrace our unique differences and resonate to such a degree that we uplift each other to the upper scale.