Professional Courtesy

Picture this: you have just passed an intersection and need to make a left turn into a parking lot. There are many cars driving towards you and the light that you just crossed through. The light turns red for them but instead of allowing a space for you to make your turn, they block you from crossing their path. It is lack of consideration because they want to be as close to the light as possible.

This is what people do to someone who is living their purpose. They are either indifferent to another person’s path or believe that by allowing them the space to graciously pass in front of them, it diminishes them in some way.

Not allowing someone to cross in front of you seems like jealousy or contempt because they are making strides or have an understanding that is different from yours. I get many Lightworkers who want to educate me on what healing is. Lightworkers should not try to diminish someone who is putting their heart into uplifting others. They are coming from ego and hiding behind a catch phrase.

A true Angelic being does not need a title. They do not need to have the spotlight on them. They never want to diminish someone who is uplifting others by trumping them. Everyone is a reflection of light, so in a sense everyone is a light worker. To say that someone is not, is evidence that one is not.

It is okay to allow someone to pass in front of us. It will not hinder our journey and everyone will get to the light eventually.

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