Processing Loss

When I leave the house, I get a restless feeling. I get compelled to go back and check for something I am leaving behind. It is my three cats objecting to me leaving them home and going out for a bit. Even though I know this, it isn’t a comfortable feeling. Our energies are so interconnected, that it is even difficult to leave the house because it feels like I am leaving without my valuables; which I am; them.

A friend messaged me last night distressed. Her cat got ill and quite unexpectedly, she had made the decision to put it down. She was feeling such incredible feeling of emotion that was confusing and hard to process; let alone bear. It was guilt, pain, confusion and void that she couldn’t fathom.

She was having a more severe case of what I go through when I leave my house. Her cat and her energies were intertwined so now that she is physically separated from him, he was having trouble crossing over and she was having trouble processing the separation. I assisted in helping the cat understand what was transpiring and helped them both separate energetically from each other. I instructed her to do an energetic burn consisting of epsom salts and rubbing alcohol to cleanse the energy so that they can both be whole. It brought her (and him) much relief.

It helped her to relax and register the loss. She had lingering guilt about her role as a caregiver and she was taking inventory of her perceived shortcomings. Here was my message to her and all those who are processing loss:

You can not control what experiences someone else has. Even the part that you play in them. You were the fit for what they needed to experience or you wouldn’t be together. you cannot micro manage the Universe or another soul’s experiences within it. The feelings and thoughts you are having now are just your way of registering the separation of your energy fields and the loss of control you have in that.

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