Beyond Godly borders on which nationality depends

Is the Universal war cry for Humanity to transcend


All the etchings in marble, the writings in stone

Are left to remind us We don’t do it alone


Walls are not made to keep us living in fear

They’re to uphold a vision for all to hold dear


Beyond the facade of what we all know

Is good vs. evil going toe to toe


The same struggle that takes place between us and our brethren

Is reflective of what’s fought between our hell and our heaven


The same battle that’s fought in our family and home

Is the same that played out; in Ancient Greece, Athens and Rome


The same selfish desires and pettiness of plans

Is seen a billion times over in the struggle of man


When we conquer our dreams; put the ego in check

‘Take a moment from the drama….take time to reflect


It is clearly visible that on which we depend

Is an illusion that evaporates once we transcend


Jen Ward 4/45/2003



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